A Differentiated Approach for Supporting Behavioral Growth in the Classroom
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Saying Goodbye... For Now

Posted by Valentine Burr on Thursday, Jun 13, 2013

It's time to say goodbye. We heard from many of you with wonderful ideas about ways you mark the end of the year in your classrooms and we've added some ideas from our own. These include: Having students write or draw about important memories of the year. Hosting special class ...

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Spring Fever & Student Behavior

Posted by Pamela M. Jones on Sunday, May 26, 2013

Survival Tips for Teachers Recently, one of our students said, "You wouldn't believe how wild and out-of-control the students have been this week! What's up with them?!!" In reply to this impassioned plea, another student who was within earshot said simply, "It's spring fever." While scientists have yet to identify ...

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Navigating the End of the School Year

Posted by Valentine Burr on Monday, May 13, 2013

How are we in the middle of May already? Hardly seems possible. Like you, we have been consumed with the endless details that come towards the end of a school year. Carving time for a blog post in itself a herculean feat! May is a train hurtling down the track, ...

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But You Don't Understand!

Posted by Pamela M. Jones on Monday, May 6, 2013

Supporting Students (and Students' Families) With Health Issues In January Child Life faculty member Deb Vilas wrote a wonderful post for us titled: When Chronic Illness Comes to School. We felt the topic was of such importance we've decide to continue the theme here. Students who present with health issues, ...

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Stepping Off the Conflict Escalator

Posted by Valentine Burr on Tuesday, Apr 23, 2013

Maia, "I was using that marker."Ruby, "No, I was. I need it."Maia, "You can't use it. It's mine."Ruby, "It's not yours, I'm using it. You're always taking stuff. This is for sharing."Maia, "I was using it! You saw me! Look! You can't just grab. Give it!!"Ruby, "Stop! Ugh!!"And picture now: ...

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There's Nothing Like a Good...Social Story

Posted by Pamela M. Jones on Friday, Apr 12, 2013

For many of us, getting through our days without major incident is a common occurrence. We know when and how to manage moments of frustration and anger and if we need help, we know how to advocate for ourselves. In short, much like a computer is programmed with routines and ...

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More Resources on Test Stress

Posted by Valentine Burr on Friday, Apr 5, 2013

A colleague recently alerted us to Renée Dinnerstein's blog Investigating Choice Time: Inquiry, Exploration, and Play. It's a lovely blog, which we recommend exploring. Her most recent posts are also focused on testing and so we thought it fitting to highlight. We're linking to the post titled "Tears!" in which ...

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The Test Are Coming…Helping Children Manage Stress

Posted by Valentine Burr on Tuesday, Apr 2, 2013

One of the most pernicious outcomes of the current testing climate is the degree of stress shouldered by students. Anxiety becomes a fog that creeps into every nook of some school buildings. Principles are anxious about their school's performance, which may impact funding or even school closure; and teachers increasingly ...

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When the Rules Aren't Enough

Posted by Pamela M. Jones on Thursday, Mar 21, 2013

A Look at Character Education's Impact on Student Behavior Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Clean. Fix Your Mistakes. These are some of the rules, or norms, that we and other educators have used in our classrooms.We generate the norms with our students so that they have a connection to these ...

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'That's Not Appropriate!'

Posted by Valentine Burr on Tuesday, Mar 19, 2013

Recently I have had several animated conversations with teachers and soon-to-be-teachers about this phrase (and versions of it). Since it has been rattling around in my head, I've decided to tackle it here. "That's not appropriate," is one of those common teacher phrases that can become like breathing. It's language ...

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More Ways to Use Sign in the Classroom

Posted by Valentine Burr on Monday, Mar 11, 2013

Pam's recent post on using Americal Sign Language (ASL) has had me on the look out for examples in action. It didn't take long. Last week I was visiting a 3rd grade inclusion classroom in a public school and saw this poster at the front of the room. It reads: ...

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I Won’t Talk & You Can’t Make Me!

Posted by Pamela M. Jones on Sunday, Mar 3, 2013

How Sign Language Can Support Your Students' Behavior and Communication The ASL sign for the letter "B" Fists are pounding on the table. Screams and unintelligible sounds are all that you can hear. Unifix cubes are being lobbed across the room. Sound familiar, even slightly? This scene could describe myriad ...

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Guest Post: How Do We Want to Feel in School?

Posted by Valentine Burr on Thursday, Feb 21, 2013

This post comes to you from Bank Street College alumna and guest blogger, Andrea Henkel. Before meeting my 7th grade students, I had been warned that they were a tough bunch. Let me rewind and explain my circumstances: This is my first year working as a learning specialist at a ...

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Getting Lost in a Good Book

Posted by Pamela M. Jones on Thursday, Feb 14, 2013

Stories that Boost Kids' Self-Esteem For kids who struggle academically, behaviorally, or socially, their sense of self takes a devastating hit. As a result, many of them begin to act out or give up on classroom success. One viable go-to strategy is to borrow from methods of bibliotherapy, which is ...

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POW! Addressing Violence in Children’s Writing

Posted by Valentine Burr on Friday, Feb 8, 2013

He saw a wood nymph. The wood nymph said, "Hah, your ears are floppy." "Hey, that's mean. I will punch you." Ba Boom. Well, that's the end of that. This page is the last in a 4-page book written recently by my 7-year old son. He's proud of his first ...

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