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Chef Chad Launches Bank Street Kitchen

Posted by Nick Gray on August 25, 2011

Chef Chad at work in Bankstreet Kitchen

Brussel sprouts. That is the vegetable Chad Goslee had to eat as a kid because they were “good for him.” 

The mere mention of them made him cringe.

Today, however, as a grown-up with a professional interest in children’s diets, Goslee sees a place on the menu for that and a few other unfairly maligned vegetables. Brussels sprouts — freshly harvested and prepared well — are in, and the new Executive Chef at Bank Street College of Education isn’t kidding when he says their occasional inclusion in school lunches is cause for excitement.

“I think kids can be, and are, more adventurous in what they’ll eat than we give them credit for,” says Goslee — “Chef Chad” as he’s already known around the Bank Street campus. In just a few day school starts, and students will be greeted with an exciting new lunch and food program designed by this French Culinary Institute trainee. 

Video: Chef Chad Goslee on what he looks forward to most this school year.

Bank Street staff and some School for Children parents were delighted volunteers during this week’s test run. A self-service salad bar made its debut with a colorful spread of fresh ingredients. Along with varieties of lettuce and other salad staples, there were sprouts, pearl tomatoes, black bean salsa with corn from New Jersey farms, edamame and a tasty ginger soy dressing. Fresh fruit rounded out the appetizing display. 

Hot lunch items featured a savory roast chicken on one day, and a soul-food pairing of tangy pork loin with collard greens bought from a local farm on another. An unexpected treat: delicately wrapped Asian veggie rolls.

Chef Chad GosleeChef Chad ‘s approach to cooking for an entire school is to employ fresh ingredients and prepare food simply, but in a way that brings out varieties of flavor and color. He has hired five associate chefs, all with culinary training, and he anticipates bringing aboard more kitchen staff as the school year progresses.

Originally from Kentucky, Goslee comes to Bank Street from The Calhoun School in Manhattan where he was sous chef to Robert Surles, a fellow FCI alumnus better known as school-lunch impresario and cookbook author Chef Bobo. Chef Chad spent five years immersed in Chef Bobo’s “Eat Right Now” approach to combining fresh meals, nutrition and instruction for students in the importance of diet to health and well-being. And he’s bringing much of what he absorbed while there to his culinary responsibilities at Bank Street.

“Lunch can be a learning experience,” says Chef Chad. 

One thing Goslee says he’s learned from his time at Calhoun and, more recently, watching his young daughter as she learns to eat selectively, is that adults need not fear children recoiling from previously untried foods. With good menu planning and preparation, he believes kids will be as happy eating brussels sprouts as they would devouring ballpark hot dogs. 

Parents wanting to sign children up for the new lunch program have two more opportunities to sample the offerings and ask questions: lunch on Aug. 30 and an open meeting on Sept. 8, the first day of school, co-hosted by Chef Chad and SFC Dean Alexis Wright.

Written by Sean Piccoli for Bank Street News