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Liberty LEADS Receives CACG, Hayden Foundation Grants

Posted by Bank Street on December 07, 2011

For Bank Street’s Liberty LEADS program, a dropout prevention and college access program for students in grades 5-12, the Holiday Season, with all its various gifts, has come a little early this year.

On October 7, Program Director Maxine Roberts received official notification that Liberty LEADS was one of five organizations being awarded individual College Access Challenge Grants (CACG) of $250,000 by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Ten other organizations, along with several regional services and activities, also received funding in this state-wide effort to help aid low-income students obtain college degrees.

Also in October, Liberty LEADS was awarded $175,000 from The Charles Hayden Foundation to continue its outstanding efforts at increasing male retention and academic success through its Adventure-Based Counseling (ABC) and High School Leadership programs.

It was due chiefly to support from the Hayden Foundation back in 2003 that Liberty LEADS was able to establish the ABC program. At the time of its establishment, the retention rate for boys between the 8th and 9th grades was only 37%. Today that rate stands at 94%. Overall, program retention rates have been over 92% for the past three years.

"With these grants," says Farhad Asghar, Associate Dean of the College and the former Director of Liberty LEADS, "this program is being clearly recognized as a thought leader in college access and drop-out prevention."

"Thank you to our funders who help to make this possible," wishes Roberts. "We work with amazing youth and want to ensure that they have every chance to succeed. With this funding, the Liberty LEADS Program is able to do the type of work that makes a difference for our students."