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At ‘Each One Teach One,’ Bank Street’s Reach on Display

Posted by Nick Gray on October 09, 2012

Students at Each One Teach One 2012

Bank Street is a tight-knit community, but in the daily hustle, it can be hard to stay updated on all the exciting projects that go on at the College. On September 29, the Graduate School’s Council of Students (COS) and Staff Council hosted Each One Teach One, an event designed to bring those projects to light.

Last spring, Leigh Anne Keichline and Chrissy DeNardo (COS President and Vice President, respectively) noticed that every time they struck up conversations with faculty members they would learn about unexpected projects—faculty writing a blog supporting teachers, or an instructor who helps develop daycare programs for children in India, for example. They were determined to share these amazing projects within Bank Street as well as with educators outside of the College.

Mollie Welsh Kruger, Leigh Anne Keichline, Joy Ellebane
Faculty member Mollie Welsh Kruger, COS President Leigh Anne Keichline, & Joy Ellebane of Continuing Professional Studies

Under the leadership of COS and Staff Council, and with the support of Dean Virginia Roach and Linda Reing from the Alumni Office, Each One Teach One emerged—an open house style forum where people could present their work and learn from each other.

At the event, students presented master’s projects; School for Children and Graduate School faculty spoke about work in their fields of specialization; and alumni shared how they have applied what they learned at Bank Street in their professional lives.

Attendees also discovered that many participants they might know from one context have reach and influence in other areas. Rabin Nickens, for example, graduated from an early childhood program in the Graduate School, and went on to write The Playmaking Way, a guide for teachers looking to incorporate dramatic arts into classrooms. In Spring 2013, Rabin will teach a course based on her book through Continuing Professional Studies.

Events like Each One Teach One make apparent Bank Street’s true reach and influence in the world of education. Rabin says,

For me, the fact that my work with 15 adults in 15 minutes can ultimately affect the academic achievement and social-emotional development of thousands of children truly amazes me and is why I do what I do.

Leigh Anne is excited about the idea that this event could serve as a model for an ongoing series. “With the bounty of incredible educators throughout our community,” she says, “great potential exists for Each One Teach One events for many years to come.”