Summer Camp

KiDS College on Saturdays!

Posted by Dylan Morgan on September 24, 2013

This Fall the Bank Street Summer Camp presents KiDS College, a series of eight Saturday classes for kids in kindergarten and up, starting September 28th. Each program is headed by the same summer camp staff that kids know and love. These programs are unlike anything else offered in New York, as they combine the pedagogy of Bank Street, the emotional, intellectual and social engagement of Summer Camp and the freedom of the weekend, making an engaging College of classes just for kids.

For kids between kindergarten and second grade, KiDS College offers both a Sports Sampler, head by Alex Kavo, and a Spanish Immersion program, head by Daisy Vivar. Each of these classes are an hour and a half. Parents have the option of doing either one or two hour and a half class, or both.

Sports Sampler is an opportunity for kids to become familiar with and test their own athleticism both personally and as a team. This sampling of various sports, includes line basketball, line soccer and kick ball, to name a few, all taught in the Bank Street tradition, focusing on personal growth. Sports Sampler is taught by Alex Kavo, an alum and current substitute for the School for Children

Just like in camp, the Spanish Immersion group provides the students with the opportunity to learn, practice and reinforce the Spanish language through a variety of engaging and interactive activities. The focus is on the development of the students' receptive and expressive language while creating a positive educational experience. By practicing the language both in and out of the classroom, teachers are able to make the kids feel comfortable, and help develop an appreciation and love for the Spanish language. Spanish Immersion is taught by Daisy Vivar, a fixture within the Spanish Immersion program at Bank Street, ever since she first helped create the program five years ago.

Upper KiDS College

Upper KiDS College classes are three hours long.

For kids going into second grade and up, KiDS College offers Saturdays on Stage, with Meredith Smart and Michael Lapinsky. The group will perform an original show that they will write together. Both Meredith Smart and Michael Lapinsky went to Tisch School of the Arts. Meredith also received her Master’s Degree from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. They have both been Theater counselors at Camp for many years.

For kids going into third grade and up, KiDS College offers Basketball Clinic, with Brian Sackey. Kids will be reviewing basic skills and applying then to scrimmages and various basketball games including, Horse and Knock Out. All skill levels are welcome, as the program is geared toward helping each kid improve and work as a team. Brian Sackey is a School for Children Alum, as well as a member of the Supervisory Staff in the Summer Camp and one of the heads of the Leaders in Training program at Camp. Previsouly, Brian had been the head of the Travel Camp group for four years. Brian is the Head coach of the boys and girls junior varsity basketball teams for the School for Children.

For kids in fourth grade and up, KiDS College offers Film Review, with Jason Weitzman. This class is an opportunity for film enthusiasts to think critically and creatively about film. Every class will include the screening of a film that no one has seen before. Half way through the film, the groups will discuss what they think should happen in the second half. After the film is over, a follow up discussion will be held where the group will assess the narrative arc and trajectory of the story.

Drop-Ins are welcome.

Registration is still open.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade (9:00am-10:30am) $250

Sports Sampler with Alex Kavo
Spanish Immersion with Daisy Vivar

Kindergarten-2nd Grade (10:30am-12:00pm) $250

Sports Sampler with Alex Kavo
Spanish Immersion with Daisy Vivar

Upper Kids College (9:00am-12:00pm) $500

Saturdays on Stage with Meredith Smart
Basketball Clinic with Brian Sackey
Film Review with Jason Weitzman