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Bank Street Celebrates Alumna Susan Ochshorn's New Book

Posted by Rachel Reda on June 12, 2015

For nearly two decades, Susan Ochshorn has worked at the local, state, and national levels to integrate early childhood research, policy, and practice into the larger education reform conversation. Her new book, Squandering America’s Future: Why ECE Policy Matters for Equality, Our Economy, and Our Children (Teachers College Press), explores ...

tagged: alumni, early childhood education, early childhood policy, leaders at the conference table, squandering america's future, susan ochshorn
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Graduate School

Bank Street to Offer Master’s Program in the Bronx

Posted by Nick Gray on February 04, 2015

Graduate School of Education will partner with BronxWorks to offer a community-based Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. The expansion of Universal Pre-K in New York City offers thousands of young children access to early learning. To further children’s success, teachers in community-based programs need support

tagged: community, early childhood, graduate school
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Bank Street for Children

Music Teacher Betsy Blachly on WNYC Schoolbook

Posted by Kate Marcus on December 02, 2014

If you were tuned in to WNYC early this week, you may have heard Betsy Blachly, School for Children music teacher, explain how she reaches her young students through song in an interview and report about city efforts to expand music in the classrooms. Why does a musical message touch

tagged: early childhood, music, pre-k
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Bank Street Hosts Panel on Universal Pre-Kindergarten in NYC

Posted by Nick Gray on April 20, 2014

Dr. Samuel J. Meisels of the Buffett Early Childhood Institute moderated the April 23 panel featuring top officials from NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration at the College’s Niemeyer Series. Updated 5/2/2014 — On April 23, Bank Street College of Education

tagged: early childhood, niemeyer, policy
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Graduate School

Graduate Students Visit Adaptive Design Workshop

Posted by Virginia Casper on May 22, 2013

The Adaptive Design Association recently hosted the Bank Street’s World of the Infant class to put their knowledge about children birth-to-three and their families to work. Candidates in Infancy Programs are learning to

tagged: 0-3, design, early childhood, infancy, students
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Graduate School

Virginia Casper on 'Eldridge & Co.'

Posted by Nick Gray on March 27, 2013

Virginia Casper, Director of Bank Street's Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention programs, was recently interviewed on CUNY TV's Eldridge & Co. The program, aired on March 27, covered issues, challenges, and opportunities in the

tagged: development, early childhood, infancy
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Bank Street Commends Reform Initiatives from Governor Cuomo

Posted by Nick Gray on January 11, 2013

In his New York State of the State address on January 9, Governor Andrew Cuomo championed several initiatives proposed by

tagged: early childhood, government, policy, pre-k, reform
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