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Making Power Visible

Posted by Mihaela Schwartz on November 21, 2013

Making Power Visible: Home Grown Community-Based Learning from Karachi to Philadelphia to You At the end of October, the Graduate School hosted the event Making Power Visible: Home Grown Community-Based Learning from Karachi to Philadelphia to You, with the Council of Students (COS). Presented by Yue Fang, president of COS, ...

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Newark Charter School Extends Bank Street’s Reach

Posted by Caitlin Terry on February 07, 2013

On February 5, the Newark Educators’ Community Charter School (NECCS) hosted an event to celebrate the newest additions to their leadership team, Bank Street alumnae Dina Velez ’05, Principal, and Davia Franklyn ’97, Director of Teaching and Learning. Bank Street’s partnership with NECCS extends and strengthens the College's commitment to ...

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General Bank Street News

‘Funny Food’: Kids, Please DO Play with Your Food

Posted by Nick Gray on April 06, 2012

A little man with tomato ears standing on toast legs looks up at you through yellow egg yolk eyes, while a strawberry-winged blackberry butterfly shows off its luminous colors. What to do but eat them? These fanciful critters are the breakfast creations of Bill Wurtzel, who, for over fifty years, ...

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Graduate School

Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Instruction in Progressive Education

Posted by Dara Eisenstein on April 03, 2012

On March 29, 2012, Karina Otoya-Knapp of the Bank Street College's Graduate School of Education was invited for a second time to be a discussant at NYU’s Annual International Education Doctoral Conference: Advancing Global Education in Austere Times. In her panel discussion, panelists from across the country offered a comparative ...

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Graduate School

“Fiesta Flamenco” in Teacher Education

Posted by Elisabeth Jakab on March 12, 2012

Workshops: Gateways to Understanding “The arts provide a different way of seeing the world, and help the learner better understand and interact with diverse peoples and areas of experience," says Harriet Lenk, Coordinator of the Lincoln Center Institute/Bank Street Collaborative. “Education in the performing arts should be an integral part ...

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Bank Street for Adults

The Bank Street Difference: Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

Posted by Elisabeth Jakab on February 13, 2012

"I can't overemphasize how beneficial it is—Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement," says Associate Student Trustee, Liz Gordon '12 (VIDEO). "You can talk theory all you want, but it goes out the window when you are new in the classroom and there’s a lot of pressure. That’s where SF/A comes in.” Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement consists ...

tagged: graduate school, supervised fieldwork, supervised fieldwork advisement
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