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Bank Street Helps Ease Lingering Sandy Trauma

Posted by Nick Gray on May 23, 2013

Staff from Community and Family Head Start experiencing the therapeutic value of having transitional objects, in the form of teddy bears, in traumatic times. Bank Street’s Center for Emotionally Responsive Practice (ERP), led by Lesley Koplow, “provides ongoing professional development and on-site consultation to early childhood programs and elementary schools ...

tagged: 0-3, development, disasters, infancy, toddlers, trauma
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Graduate Students Visit Adaptive Design Workshop

Posted by Virginia Casper on May 22, 2013

The Adaptive Design Association recently hosted the Bank Street’s World of the Infant class to put their knowledge about children birth-to-three and their families to work. Candidates in Infancy Programs are learning to be professionals in the field of early care and education, early intervention, and for the

tagged: 0-3, design, early childhood, infancy, students
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Virginia Casper on 'Eldridge & Co.'

Posted by Nick Gray on March 27, 2013

Virginia Casper, Director of Bank Street's Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention programs, was recently interviewed on CUNY TV's Eldridge & Co. The program, aired on March 27, covered issues, challenges, and opportunities in the field of early childhood care, including early intervention and developmental and educational services. On ...

tagged: development, early childhood, infancy
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Infancy Institute Inspires Participants in its 25th Year

Posted by Nick Gray on July 02, 2012

Talking With Babies In a “Baby Watch” workshop, the workshop leader sits on a blue mat holding a wide-eyed 3-month old. She looks at the baby, speaking softly. He gazes at her and breaks into a wide smile. She speaks again. He makes several sounds. It is a conversation... Small ...

tagged: early intervention, family, infancy, infancy institute, nancy balaban, nancy mckeever, policy, research
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