Room 4

It was another wonderful week in Room 4, full of passionate discussions, learning and growing.

Teachers have seen a big increase in conversational language, and a deep desire from the children to connect, share ideas, and exercise opinions. We are all working hard to be active listeners… and this certainly looks a bit different in a pod of 3 and 4 year olds, than it might with a group of adults!

To be an active listener as a 3 and 4 year old, you have to learn to wait and look and respond contextually. As teachers, it is interesting to see where each individual child is at (developmentally) along this social continuum. For the individual children who are keen on being responded to in a certain way, it can be a frustrating process. Teachers are available to support and scaffold these fledgling and novel conversations, and yes, at times, to referee.

With this in mind, teachers are going to implement a structured way of sharing “home objects” during first and second circles. We will experiment as the weeks continue, and keep you all posted. With the ideas of waiting, listening, talking and sharing in mind, we will work to make this a developmentally appropriate activity for individuals, while still supporting the whole community.

Teachers are actively seeking out opportunities to grow our Social/Emotional Curriculum. Materials for cutting, collaging, painting, building, planting, cooking, pouring, packing, hammering, wearing… it’s all there to build community, support questioning and experimentation, and to gather information for building on.

Your lovely home recipes have been coming in, and we have had our first family cooking activity. Marji’s dad Michael happens to be in charge of the Bank Street web page, so keep your eyes peeled for some new photos of our baking fun to be posted there soon. If you are interested in cooking or baking with us, please contact Marissa to schedule a time when we can come together.

The recipes you are sending in are being rewritten on large sheets of paper, and have become wonderful pre-literacy tools. Thinking back to the 3 and 4 year old themes of waiting and watching and listening while still remaining in the moment and contextual, breaking down larger recipes into smaller tasks and activities – perhaps even over several days – will support our work in these areas. Please remember that although it is ultimately satisfying to have a delicious and beautiful (and hopefully edible) end product, our work is in the process. Measuring, collaborating, reading, waiting, following directions and steps, washing up, counting, guessing, smelling… this is where the fun is. Eating what we’ve made is wonderful, but it’s more like a possible bonus, than the true end-game desire.

Stay in touch and see you soon,

Your Room 4 Teachers