Dual Language / Bilingual Education

Nilda Bayron-ResnickNilda Bayron-Resnick
Program Director

Which program is right for you?

For prospective students seeking certification in general education who do not have prior certification:

For individuals seeking certification in general education and in teaching students with disabilities who do not have any prior certification:

If you already have certification in general education (or are close to receiving certification), apply for one of our single certification programs in special education leading to certification to teach student with disabilities.

Those who hold valid New York State classroom certifications may choose to add the 15-credit extension to their certification:


At Bank Street College, we believe that children whose primary language is not English, or who are growing up bilingually, need teachers who can speak with them in both their home language and in English, who are well prepared with a wide teaching repertoire, and who understand the intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social needs of these children. The ability to communicate in more than one language is viewed as an invaluable skill to be encouraged and developed.

The Dual Language / Bilingual Education programs are designed to prepare teachers to provide both effective dual language immersion and traditional bilingual education experiences for children. The programs support the continued development of the children's ability in the home language, as well as the opportunity for them to become proficient in English, that is, of growing up bilingually. Respect for the child's native or home language translates into an emphasis on the cultural wealth that children bring to school.

Coursework explores the academic, social, and political issues surrounding the education of children for whom English is a new language or who are growing up in bilingual environments.

All students in the Dual Language / Bilingual Education programs are required to be fluent in both English and in Spanish.