Dual Language / Bilingual
Early Childhood General Education

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  • Master of Science in Education: 48 credits

Learn how to enrich the education of emergent bilingual children

You will acquire a rich teaching repertoire to understand the intellectual, linguistic and emotional needs of students in dual language/transitional bilingual settings.

Become certified to work with diverse bilingual populations

Candidates will be eligible for New York State certification in bilingual early childhood or childhood education with a focus in general and/or special education.

Nilda Bayron-ResnickNilda Bayron-Resnick
Program Director

The Dual Language/Bilingual Early Childhood General Education program prepares teachers to work with a wide range of learners in early childhood (birth–grade 2) and childhood (grades 1-6) in general, inclusive, and/or special education settings.

Coursework explores the academic, social, and political issues surrounding the education of children for whom English is a new language or who are growing up in bilingual environments.  In addition, candidates learn how to support and assess children as individuals with a range of learning styles and backgrounds. All applicants must demonstrate competence in English and Spanish. 

Graduates of this program are eligible for New York State initial and/or professional certification in:

  • early childhood general education with the bilingual extension.
  • early childhood general and special education with the bilingual extension
  • childhood general education with the bilingual extension
  • childhood general and special education with the bilingual extension


Courses at Bank Street provide students with the opportunity to engage in readings, discussions, direct experience, and reflection, encouraging a constant interplay between theory and practice. Explore the courses in the Dual Language / Bilingual Early Childhood General Education program

Supervised Fieldwork / Advisement

Taken concurrently with coursework, supervised fieldwork is designed to foster the integration of theory and practice. You will:

  • Work in classroom settings as a full-time assistant teacher or head teacher, or as a student teacher (3 days each week):
    • Student teachers will be placed at three age levels within the early childhood range (pre-k, kindergarten and grade 1 or 2).
    • Working teachers and assistants (in approved settings) who stay with a particular grade in the age range may use their own classrooms for their fieldwork setting. These students will gain additional experience through summer supervised fieldwork/ advisement during a July (summer 2) term.
  • Be supervised by your advisor, a core graduate faculty mentor, as you work with children in your fieldwork setting.
  • Participate in a weekly conference group of 5-7 students and your advisor.
  • Meet individually with your advisor twice each month.

Career Opportunities

  • Teach in early childhood general education in public, charter or independent schools.
  • Teach in dual language classrooms or in traditional bilingual classrooms.
  • Teach in inclusive and self-contained special education classrooms as the bilingual general education teacher.
  • Work as an early-interventionist in social service or education-based agencies, as well as in hospitals or daycare settings.
  • Work one-on-one as a Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) in home of center-based programs.

Admission Requirements

  • A strong academic background in the liberal arts and sciences
  • Fluency in both Spanish and English
  • See the Admissions Criteria.