General Teacher Education

Which program is right for you?

If you are hoping to earn your first teaching certification in general education, you might choose a certification program at the early childhood (birth through grade two), the childhood (first grade through sixth grade) level, or the dual certification program covering both levels:

If you already have certification in general education (or are close to receiving your certification), and you are seeking a master’s degree that leads to professional certification in the area of your first certification, you might choose to apply for one of these programs:

In order to enroll in these programs, you must have a valid New York State certificate in general education. If you hold a certificate from another state, you can apply for New York certification through interstate reciprocity. Click here for an outline of the process.

Individuals who already have their first certification in early childhood or childhood general education and now seek professional certification might also explore programs such as the single certification programs in Special Education or the single certification programs in Teaching Literacy.


Bank Street offers general teacher programs in early childhood and childhood education, including a program that leads to dual certification across these ages. All of these general education programs are based in an understanding of child development, of curriculum across the subject areas, and of close observation of children.

All graduate students learn through small classes and through extensive supervised fieldwork / advisement in classroom settings, mentored by a faculty advisor.