Reading and Literacy:
Clinical Practice (Non-Certification)

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  • Master of Science in Education: 45 credits

Develop literacy assessment and instructional strategies

Earn your master's degree while gaining experience working with children

Susan Goetz-HaverSusan Goetz-Haver
Program Director

Reading and Literacy: Clinical Practice is especially designed for individuals who want to specialize in the literacy needs of individual and small groups of children. This program is right for you if you want develop teaching approaches that enable you to apply your knowledge to assess, design, and implement lessons that meet the multiple and complex needs of different literacy learners.

Distinctive Features

  • Learn from core literacy graduate faculty mentors, master teachers who have extensive backgrounds working with children in classroom and clinical settings.
  • Differentiate instruction, so you can motivate students, strengthen reading and writing abilities, and select and implement powerful literacy resources.
  • Explore cutting edge theoretical perspectives and immerse yourself in innovative clinical literacy practices.
  • Expand your understanding of what literacy is and can be in your own and your students' lives.

Certification in Education

This program does not lead to New York State certification.

Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

The integration of coursework and field experiences is central to a Bank Street education. You will learn to observe, engage and educate children matching your assessments with your instruction. You will:

  • Engage in intensive, supportive fieldwork: Fieldwork will include placements with Reading Specialists K-5.
  • Participate in a weekly collaborative Conference Group with your Advisor and 5-7 other graduate students. You will have an opportunity to engage in ongoing in-depth conversations about teaching and learning.
  • Benefit from individual meeting with your advisor twice a month.

Admission Requirements

  • Mature, self -aware and committed individuals who are excited about teaching and learning. There is an expectation of an ability and willingness to be reflective about one's own practices and work with children.
  • Excellent academic record and references.
  • See the Admissions Criteria.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Reading and Literacy program work in private schools, private practice and in clinics.