Special & General Education

Which program is right for you?

At Bank Street, you may enroll in a dual certification program in general education and in teaching students with disabilities at either of the following age ranges: early childhood (birth through grade two) or childhood (first grade through sixth grade):

Individuals interested in working with very young children (up to age three) and their families might want to explore:

If you are interested in earning a dual degree in social work and in education, explore:

If you want certification to teach students with disabilities and already have certification in general education (or are close to receiving your certification), apply for one of our single certification programs in special education:

Also see our Dual Language / Bilingual Education programs.


These dual certification programs prepare individuals to work effectively in general education, inclusion, and special education settings. Teachers in all classrooms benefit from a deeper understanding of developmental differences, knowledge of how to identify learning differences, and understanding of how to present lessons in ways that allow all children to access and understand what is being taught. All children have the same needs: joy and excitement in learning, rich curricula, opportunities for individual and cooperative learning, and a supportive school environment.

  • Be prepared to work with the full range of learners. Understand how to develop classes with engaging curriculum.
  • Know how to present developmentally appropriate content to typically developing learners, as well as to students with disabilities, especially learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and emotional disorders.
  • Learn to meet the needs of diverse learners by building on students' strengths and interests while addressing areas of weakness.