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Teach Abroad




Teaching and IMP


Istanbul, Private School

Length of Stay

Beginning of September until the end of January


Beginning of February until the beginning of June

(As they will not be the main teacher in classes, the dates can be flexible according to student's academic calendar.)

Paid Student Experience

BAU will pay  $600 U.S. to the student who will also have free transfer from school to their and free breakfast and lunch.

Financial Responsibilities

Airfare, daily expenses in Istanbul.

Grades available for teaching

Any grades from early childhood classes to 12th grade. (It is up to the visiting students’ choice)


Students can either stay in dorms, shared flats or with families. If the dorm they prefer to stay is not available for the period of their stay then we will arrange shared apartment or family stay according to their choices. The apartment will be at a close neighborhood to school.




Not in advance

Website (Student Dorms website)