Newly Accepted Students

Spring 2015 Web Registration Period:  December 10 - 16

  • The Spring 2015 Web Registration Period will run from Wednesday, December 10 through Tuesday, December 16, 2014.
  • Keep an eye on your email! An invitation to register will be sent to the email address you have on file with Bank Street prior to web registration and will include your appointed registration time.
  • Be sure to reach out and discuss your Spring schedule with your advisor prior to your appointed registration time.

In-Person Registration Event for Spring 2015:  January 7

  • Students who miss the web registration period can still register during our In-Person Registration Event on Wednesday, January 7, 2015, from 4:30pm to 6:00pm  (this event is only for those students who have NOT yet registered for any Spring courses).
  • Advisors will be available to meet with students to provide academic advisement.

Late Registration for Spring 2015

  • Students who miss the web registration period and the In-Person Registration Event can still register late on the first day of Spring classes, January 20, from 1 to 6pm in the Registrar's Office.
  • A $25 late registration fee will be charged.
  • Advisors will be available to meet with students to provide academic advisement.

Remember to Meet With Your Advisor!

You must be given registration clearance on the web by your advisor or program director to register for a new term. Be sure to make an appointment with your program director or advisor to discuss course and schedule choices.

How to Register on the Web:

Log in to your account at account to register online during your appointed web registration period. Detailed web registration instructions are available after you have logged in by clicking on "Navigating My.Bankstreet" on the left sidebar menu.

When to Register

New students are notified via their personal email account (that is on file with Bank Street) of their appointed registration time. The web registration appointments are generated by proximity to graduation -- students closest to graduating receive the earliest appointments. Please keep your copy of the web appointment email.

Logging On To Your Account

To gain access to My Bank Street, use your User Name and Password.

User Name:  Student ID number.

Password: *bnk (in lower case) followed by the last 4 digits of your social security number

*This is the default password. If you have changed the password, please use your own personal password

For help logging on to My Bank Street, please contact the Help Desk at 212-875-4642

Registration Instructions

Detailed web registration instructions are available after you have logged in by clicking on "Navigating My.Bankstreet" on the left sidebar menu or view here.


If you have been a member of the Bank Street community in the past, please be aware that outstanding debts to the College, or books/fines owed to the Library, Admissions Office Holds must be cleared before students are permitted to register.

The Business Office can be reached at 212-875-4620.
The Library can be reached at 212-875-4455.
The Admissions Office can be reached at 212-875-4404 

Wait List

Have questions about your position on a wait list? Visit our wait list FAQ page.

Registering for a Science Pre-Requisite Through the Museum of Natural History

Students who need to complete an undergraduate science pre-requisite will be notified by the Admissions Office at the time of their acceptance. Bank Street Students have the option for completing this requirement through the American Museum of Natural History. Please visit the Museum's Seminar On Science web page for more information.


Buying Textbooks

Students are invited to view their textbook requirements and make purchases online via Directions to help navigate the online store are available through Graduate School textbooks are not sold through the Bank Street bookstore.

Village Copier (located at 118th and Amsterdam) provides course packet services for Graduate School courses. Graduate students purchase course packets directly from Village Copier. Village Copier can be contacted at 212-666-0600 or


After newly-accepted students enroll in classes for the first time, they will receive a communication from the Help Desk within a week detailing the instructions for accessing, as well as the terms and agreements of, their student email addresses with Bank Street. All students are given an email address and all electronic communications from the College will be sent to the student email accounts. Students are expected to bear the responsibility of receiving their College email, either by logging on to their account regularly, or by setting up email forwarding to a private email address. For any questions regarding a Bank Street email account, please contact the Help Desk at (212) 875-4642.