Weather Update March 5: Basketball games are canceled but all other After School activities will continue as normal. Liberty LEADS classes are cancelled. The Family Center will be closing at 4pm. Graduate School classes will operate as normal. The Bank Street College Public and Charter School Job Fair will be held tonight from 5-7pm.

About these webpages

This site offers guidance to college-age students working as literacy tutors to 5 - 8-year-old children. In addition, parents, school or other education volunteers, supervisors of volunteers, and work-study students, may find useful information provided here.

Finding things on the site: The site has been organized to provide several kinds of information to volunteer literacy tutors:

  • information about the role of a tutor
  • information about early literacy development
  • sample tutoring lesson plans and activities
  • information about the strategies children can use when reading
  • information about other resources for tutors including further readings and book ideas for young children

The content for this site was developed by:

  • Claudia Grose, graduate faculty member and former director of the Graduate Reading/Literacy Program at Bank Street College of Education
  • Naomi Hupert, senior research associate at the Education Development Center's Center for Children and Technology
  • Luisa Costa Garro, graduate faculty member Bilingual/Special Education Department
  • Olga Romero, Chair, Bilingual/Special Education Department

Special thanks to Judith Gold and Peggy McNamara who served as reviewers for the site.