Day One—Tuesday, June 17

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Registration

1:00 – 3:15 PM - Tuesday Afternoon Workshops
Choose ONE workshop

1. No Rush, No "Race":Helping Toddlers Be Little

Lesley Koplow, Director, Emotionally Responsive Practice at Bank Street College
Lesley KoplowThis workshop emphasizes the need for early childhood settings that truly support the essential process of toddler development without rushing children toward the work of preschool or school-aged children. When children don’t have an opportunity to be little, they have difficulties with social, emotional, and learning challenges when they are bigger.

2. Language Development in Toddlers:When Should I Be Concerned?

Michelle Veyvoda, PhD, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist, Teachers College and Bank Street Family Center
This workshop will provide an overview of developmental milestones as they pertain to speech, language, social, and play skills. We will discuss the signs of language delays, and ample time will be devoted to discussing specific cases brought up by the participants. Finally, strategies for remediation, language stimulation techniques, and the early intervention process will be reviewed.

3. Executive Functioning:What It Is? How Can We Foster Executive Skills in the Young Child?

Kirsten DeBear, OTR
This workshop will explain how children develop the ability to regulate them- selves and organize their actions and thinking. We will discuss how teachers can develop executive skills for regulation and how executive skills move play from sensorimotor reactions to mentally planned, purposeful actions. Finally, we will look at which activities can be used to develop organizational skills and examine what kinds of interactions best develop the mental tools that children need.

4. "Who Made Me Boss?"

Gigi Schweikert, Author; Early Years Specialist
If you are like most of us, you entered this profession to work with children, but not necessarily with adults. Supervising other adults can be the hardest part of an educator’s job. Join us for this fun, motivating session and learn how to become a better leader. Discover tips to inspire your staff to be the best they can be.

5. Teacher-Made Books

Valeria Erdosi, Executive Director, King’s Daughters Day School
Teacher-made books using everyday life experiences enrich the lives of the children in our care. Participants will explore and create book templates that can be used in their programs.

6. Prompting Social-Emotional Competencies in Parents and Children: The Bright Beginnings/Personal Best Parenting Program

Judy Grossman, Dr PH, OTR, Associate Director, Center for the Developing Child and Family, Ackerman Institute for the Family; Barbara Russek, PhD, Center Faculty, Ackerman Institute for the Family
In order to achieve positive child outcomes, early childhood programs need a two-generation focus that addresses child and adult development as well as the parent-child relationship. The presenters will describe the curricula which promote the social-emotional capacities necessary for responsive parenting.

7. Working with Families with Children with Developmental Variations in a Child Life Setting

Troy Pinkney-Ragsdale, MA, CCLS, Director, Child Life Program, Bank Street College of Education
Troy Pinkney-RagsdaleChildren with developmental variations are a part of every setting and institution. Learn how we can best support their families and acquire techniques for helping the children during hospitalizations or other interactions with the healthcare community.