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Give New York State Parents the Right to Opt Their Children Out of High Stakes Testing (sponsored by The Change the Stakes Campaign and The Grassroots Education Movement)

Endorse the National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing

“Like” the Facebook page, “Parents & Kids Against Standardized Testing” a non-profit organization that was “created to inform parents, kids, and other interested community members about the overreliance on standardized testing to make high stakes decisions in education.”

Join Parent Voices NY, a new organization of public school parents determined to make their voices heard in the debates around our children's education. They are a grass-roots democratic organization, committed to bringing together diverse parents, taking action together, and using our power as citizens and voters to influence policy around public education.

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Move to Outsource Teacher Licensing Process Draws Protest
Michael Winerip reports on middle and high school teachers at the University of Masschusetts at Amherst who are protesting a new national licensure procedure being developed by Stanford University with the education company Pearson because teacher feel that a genuine reflective teaching process does not come from a calibrated scorer.

How Testing is Hurting Teaching
Dorothy Barnhouse a literacy consultant who worked in the New York City public schools writes about the impact she has observed in teaching since teachers’ ability to teach is being determined by their ability to improve students’ test scores.

A NYC teacher's Response to the Publishing of her Confidential -- and Unreliable -- Data Report
Roe Wrubel is currently a 4th grade teacher.  Although Roe's TDR came out far above average, she posted her powerful view of what this process was doing to teachers next to her TDR on the NY Times website. 

How My Child Skipped the State Tests
This article describes how one parent, a college administrator with a son in a public school in Astoria, opted out of the tests, with a positive outcome.