Challenge 1: Invest in Bank Street as a Center of Academic Excel

Nothing is more central to our mission, or more important to the work, than strengthening the College as a center of academic and clinical excellence. Our first great challenge, given the impact of new technology and today’s heated debate about education reform, is to position Bank Street to lead.

Bank Street is a college for education, a singular type of education that values the child as a whole person and focuses the teacher on mastering clinical skills. You can always tell a Bank Street teacher when you walk into a classroom.

What defines the Bank Street teacher is the passion to teach and the hard-earned skills to observe children, to engage students where they are, and to create classrooms that move learners from the familiar and immediate to new ideas and a love of learning that lasts.

Bank Street prepares and supports great teachers and visionary leaders. To that end, we have assembled a graduate faculty of outstanding educators who use theory and current research to inform practice, and a Children’s Programs faculty that brings that craft into their daily teaching.  To strengthen our academic programs, we will:

  • Support Bank Street’s commitment to innovative curricula, especially ways to strengthen early childhood education
  • Enhance our responsiveness to new opportunities 
  • Provide additional support for faculty development
  • Initiate a Postdoctoral Fellows Program to build connections with the next generation of teachers and scholars and exploit connections between Children’s Programs and the Graduate Faculty
  • Invest in the College library and research resources
  • Seek new partnerships
  • Develop and expand BankStreetOnline as an informational and social networking resource.