Challenge 2: Expand Bank Street’s Leadership

For one hundred years Bank Street has advocated for children. We still do. We have contributed a steady stream of fresh ideas such as the thinking that led to the creation of national initiatives like Head Start.

Preparing great teachers who will be leaders in their schools, especially in early childhood education is part of the task. Beyond this, however, we rededicate ourselves to research and innovation in order to serve and provoke an audience outside the College and its alumni/ae. We will tap the curiosity, experience, and insights of our extraordinary faculty, use the power of technology, and respond flexibly to the interest of policymakers in what we do.  In all these ways, we increase Bank Street’s capacity to tell the world what we know, how we know it, and why it matters.

We want to add fresh ideas—Bank Street ideas—to stimulate policy and scholarly debates about public education and the best preparation of educators. We will lead public discourse about the role and impact of schools of education with respect to preparing teachers and leaders—work at the heart of Bank Street’s mission. We have evidence of the curriculum’s effectiveness as we educate children, prepare teachers and leaders, and work with at-risk youth. To exert more influence, we will increase our capacity to demonstrate the impact of our ideas and approach. 

Expanding our influence, we will:

  • Encourage faculty scholarship and research, both through the Innovation Fund and by giving priority to funding opportunities that stress documentation and evaluation
  • Use the College’s new website to promote Bank Street’s visibility as well as to raise awareness regarding our distinctive values and pedagogy
  • Continue the efforts of the recently-launched Government Relations Initiative, especially with regard to communications with the policy community and the media
  • Renew our commitment to the essential integration of theory, policy and practice by encouraging innovations in the classroom and beyond