Offices & Departments

Human Resources

Welcome to Human Resources. The mission of our office is to provide professional services to our staff in a courteous and efficient manner to attract, support, and retain a quality staff dedicated to excellence. We seek to serve as advocates for equity and diversity, maintaining a climate of confidentiality, and to support the college in achieving its mission as a leader in progressive education. Our goal is to support every employee and add value to the administration and organization of Bank Street College.

Fueling Our Mission

Human Resources works hard to provide meaningful and robust support to staff so they are equipped to make the contributions necessary to advance progressive education.
  • A teacher in the Family Center explores water and light with a child in their mixed-age classroom.
  • A School for Children teacher guides students through a science activity.
  • A member of Strategy & Operations reviews facility upgrades.
  • Graduate School classroom
    Graduate faculty member Robin Hummel engaging Math Leadership students in a discussion.

Sonaliz Morel
Working for Bank Street
I finally found myself in a supportive space, surrounded with brilliant minds, where determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal is accepted and expected. Bank Street has allowed me to truly dig deeper, synthesize new knowledge, and celebrate my passion for progressive pedagogy and commitment to social justice, and for that, I am grateful.
Dr. Sonaliz Morel-Baker
Director, Individual Giving
Jeannette Corey
Working for Bank Street
Bank Street has challenged me to think about everything I do in ways I never even dreamed of.
Jeannette Corey
Director Family Center