Alexandra Figueras-Daniel

Associate Director, Straus Center for Young Children & Families

Alex’s work focuses on a commitment to equity for dual language learners, their families, and their teachers in the early childhood field. Specifically this has included research and thinking around policy, practice, and the ways to most soundly collect data that can inform both. Having begun her career as a preschool teacher in a dual immersion school, much of her work gives careful attention to teacher voices, and the realities of practice in school systems. Alex’s prior work has included oversight of data collection of various national, large-scale research studies and also including one in Santa Marta, Colombia. She has also worked with coaches and teacher leaders to systematically think through dual language learner practices and strategies that best reflect current research in practical ways as well as to align preschool through third grade.

Alex is also a co-author of the Classroom Assessment of Supports for Emergent Bilingual Acquisition (CASEBA) which is designed to measure the quality of language supports for dual language learners in preschool classrooms and the Self-Evaluation of Supports for Emergent Bilingual Acquisition (SESEBA) for teachers and their coaches. Both have been recognized by the field as important alternatives for  ways to measure classroom quality in equitable ways for both research and continuous improvement. Alex holds a PhD in Education Policy from the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University.

Recent Publications

Figueras-Daniel, A., & Li, Z. (In Press). Evidence of support for dual language learners in a study of bilingual staffing patterns using the Classroom Assessment of Supports for Emergent Bilingual Acquisition (CASEBA). Early Childhood Research Quarterly.

Nores, M., Friedman-Kraus, A., & Figueras-Daniel, A. (In Press). Exploring two differing approaches to measuring children’s preschool classroom experiences. Early Childhood Research Quarterly.  

Ayers, S., & Figueras-Daniel, A. (2019). Engaging and enriching play is rigorous learning. In Masterson, M. & Bohart, H. (Eds.). Serious Fun: How guided play extends children’s learning. NAEYC; Washington, D.C.

Nores, M., Figueras‐Daniel, A., Lopez, M. A., & Bernal, R. (2018). Implementing aeioTU: quality improvement alongside an efficacy study—learning while growing. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences1419(1), 201-217.

Ayers, S., & Figueras-Daniel, A. (2018). The case of brain Science and guided play: A developing story, Young Children.

Figueras-Daniel, A. (2016). Head Start. In Couchenor, D., Chrisman, K., & Pyles, J. (Eds.). The SAGE Encyclopedia of Contemporary Early Childhood Education

Freedson, M., Figueras-Daniel, A., Frede, E., Jung, K & Sideris, J. (2011).  The Classroom Assessment of Supports for Emergent Bilingual Acquisition (CASEBA): Psychometric properties and initial findings from New Jersey’s Abbott Preschool Program. In C. Howes & R. Pianta (Eds.), Investigating the Classroom Experiences of Young Dual Language Learners (Volume 3 of NCRECE series), Brookes, Baltimore, MD.

Frede, E., Barnett, W.S., Jung, K., Lamy, C. & Figueras-Daniel, A. (2010) Abbott Preschool Program Longitudinal Effects Study (APPLES) year one findings. In A. Reynolds, A. Rolnick, M. Englund and J. Temple (Eds.), Cost-effective programs in children’s first decade: A human capital integration.  Cambridge University Press.

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Ph.D. Rutgers the State University of New Jersey