Zipporiah Mills

Equity Specialist, Center on Culture, Race & Equity

Zipporiah Mills is an Equity Specialist at the Center on Culture, Race & Equity.  She brings to the position over 30 years experience as both a teacher and school leader.  Zipporiah (Zipp) spent all of her career as an educator in schools throughout Brooklyn.  She most recently retired from the New York City Department of Education as the principal of PS 261, one of District 15’s most diverse elementary schools.

At a young age, Zipp understood that education plays an important role in creating an anti-racist, equitable society.  She sought to bring cultural pride, respect for all, and a progressive education to her students.  She holds fast to the belief that anything private schools students have access to, public school students should too.  Zipp believes that equity begins with caring, supportive partnerships between teachers, parents, and students.  Her goal is to support schools through this demanding, ever changing terrain.  Her mission is to create culturally responsive communities for learning and success.