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Graduate School Alumni Publications

Jonathan Silin, GSE '70, From the Country of the Young-Old, The East Hampton Star, April 4, 2018

Pat Finley
, GSE '06, and Damon McCord, GSE '04, This is what inadequate funding at a public school looks like and feels like—as told by an entire faculty, The Washington Post, February 20, 2018

Lesley Koplow
, GSE ’79, When Politics Comes to School: Emotionally Responsive Education Preparation, The New Educator, October 2017

Cristian Solorza
, GSE '02, Reframing Language Allocation Policy in Dual Language Bilingual Education, Bilingual Research Journal, December 2017

Jonathan Silin
, GSE '70, The Important Role of Educators and Schools, Education Week, 1/19/17

Robie H. Harris
, GSE '70, The Banned Books Your Child Should Read, The New York Times, 1/16/17

Josh Thomases,
GSE 01, Our Teachers Can Help America, SmartBrief, 11/18/16

Alvin Irby
, GSE '09, Beyond Reading Skills: Helping Black Children Identify as Readers, NBC News, 9/27/16

Maria Mingalone, GSE '07, Oceanside museum hires new chief, The San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/16/16

Nigel Pugh, GSE '99, Here's one way New York City is encouraging more school collaboration, Chalkbeat, 7/26/16

Adam Gidwitz, GSE '09, The Inquisitor's Tale by Adam Gidwitz, School Library Journal, 7/6/16

Lesley Koplow, GSE ’79, Politics Aside: Our Children and Their Teachers in Score-Driven Times, 2/13/14

Lesley Koplow, GSE ’79, Bears, Bears Everywhere: Supporting Children’s Emotional Health in the Classroom, September 2008

Lesley Koplow, GSE ’79, Creating Schools That Heal: Real-Life Solutions, 9/30/02 

Lesley Koplow, GSE ’79, Unsmiling Faces: How Preschools Can Heal, 7/1/07

Lesley Koplow, GSE ’79, Tanya and the Tobo Man: A Story for Children Entering Therapy, 1/1/91 

Lesley Koplow, GSE ’79, The Way Home: A Child Therapist Looks at the Inner Lives of City Children, 1/1/92 

Lesley Koplow, GSE ’79, Where Rag Dolls Hide Their Faces: A Story of Troubled Children, 6/1/91