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Last Updated January 2015

  • How to use these logos

    Choose a logo from the panels below to view and download versions of each. Click a logo to view a larger version. Right-click (or CTRL-click on Macs) to save to your computer. 

    For most print projects (fliers, programs, small posters), left-justify the logo at the top or bottom of a page. For large print projects (posters, tablecloths, banners), contact Communications for design assistance.

    For most electronic uses (web pages, email headers or footers, social media), resize the logo to 72 ppi and the dimensions as described.

    Contact Cheryl Simon in Communications for further assistance at

  • College


    Web size: 245 x 68


    Bankstreet Logo - Vertical

    Web size: 135 x 106

  • Graduate School of Education

    Bank Street Graduate School jpg

    Web size: 342 x 68 


    Bank Street Graduate School logo vertical jpg

    Web size: 112 x 124

  • School for Children

    Bank Street SFC logo horizontal jog

    Web size: 242 x 68 


    Bank Street SFC vertical logo

    Web size: 134 x 106