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After School

Offering rich & engaging After-School and Extended Day Programs

A Peek into Bank Street After School

In addition to our After School courses, we have 2 open-ended play groups:

Kids ClubKids Club for 4/5s-5/6s & Our Place for 6/7s-9/10s

Kids Club and Our Place provide an atmosphere that is both engaging and nurturing. Once children have eaten some healthy snack and hydrated, they get down to the serious business of play.  Students are free to explore a variety of activities including:  arts and crafts, cooking, dramatic play, story times, trips to our Library, building and outdoor play on our deck. Most of our After School teachers work Monday through Friday during the school day as Assistant and/or Substitute teachers which allows them to truly get to know kids, develop accurate ideas about what each child is working on and strategize about how best to support them as they navigate the afternoon.  This also sets our After School teachers up to be seen as consistent and trusted adults in each child's life.



Visits to Kids Club and Our Place are $12 per hour if a family registers to join a group for specific days and time periods throughout the entire Cycle.  These regular visits count toward the  3 courses required to become eligible to receive Financial Aid.  To further support our families, we also offer drop-in service for $16 per hour.  If something comes up at the last minute, just email Joanna ( and your child's teachers and we will keep your little ones entertained and safe until it is time to go home.  Drop-in services are not eligible for Financial Aid.  Kids Club and Our Place are open until 6PM daily unless otherwise noted on our school calendar.

Our Mission

Our After School Program strives to both support families and provide a dynamic range of opportunities for students to pursue creative, intellectual, physical and social interests.   We offer diverse activities that encourage self expression, discovery and growth. Through hands-on activities and the cultivation of community, children widen their social horizons by working side-by-side with peers from various of age groups.

General Information

Registration for Cycle II began on January 9th, 2018.  All balances from previous Cycles must be paid in order to be eligible to register.

Most Cycle II courses began on Tuesday, February 20th.

Financial Aid is available for Bank Street students enrolled in 3 or more After School courses (not including music lessons).  Eligible families will receive an After School discount of 15 less percent than their School for Children Financial Aid award.  Please email Joanna Sly at for more information.

School will close at Noon on Thursday, April 26th.  Childcare will be open from 12-6pm.  Families who registered their children for regular Thursday visits to Kids Club and Our Place were not charged for this day. Please email Joanna Sly ( if you would like for your child to attend and, if possible, specify a pick-up time.  All children will be welcome.  Childcare is $16 per hour and is not eligible for Financial Aid discounts.