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General Information

Important Dates

  • Registration for Cycle 2 began on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018.
  • Cycle 2 classes start on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018.
  • Cycle 2 classes run through Friday, June 8th, 2018.
  • Early Morning Care will continue to be offered in Room 210.
*Please email if you want your child to join Early Morning Care so that we can properly staff this service.  Bank Street students from age groups 4/5s and up be brought to Room 210 as early as 7:45 a.m. and EMC teachers will bring them to their classrooms by the 8:30 Arrival time.
Early Morning Care is offered to Bank Street families free of charge.

Registration for Cycle 2 began on January 9th, 2018.  All balances from previous Cycles must be paid in order to be eligible to register.
  • Specific courses end at 4:30pm Monday-Thursday and 2:30pm on Fridays unless otherwise noted.
  • Kids Club and Our Place end at 6pm Monday-Friday.
  • On Early dismissal days, though our regular classes are not in session, only Kids Club and Our Place will be OPEN until 6pm as usual.  Children who attend on these days will be charged the drop-in price of $16 per hour.  Financial Aid does not apply to these charges.
  • After School will be completely closed on Friday, February 16th.
  • Cycle 2 classes begin Tuesday, February 20th.


  • Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a class reaches capacity, subsequent registrants will be automatically added to the waiting list for that class. 
  • A minimum of 7 children is required in order to hold most classes.  A class may be canceled if enrollment becomes insufficient to support it.
  • Fees are fully refundable until after the first class.
  • Limited financial assistance is available; please call 212-875-4430 for more information.


  • Registration for Cycle 2 classes will begin on January 9th.
  • Registration is finalized when payment is received.  Families must at least pay the $10 per child/per Cycle processing fee to register.
  • Families who register for regular visits to our After School play groups, Kids Club (for 4/5s-5/6s) or Our Place (6/7s & up), for an entire semester receive a discounted price of $12 per hour.   Registering for a regular visit throughout a Cycle also counts as one course in the required 3 course minimum to be eligible for Financial Aid.  Please email our office and your teachers if your child will be absent on a given day.  Our office does not offer refunds for days that regular visitors to Kids Club or Our Place are absent or leave early.  If a child must opt out of a registered full cycle visit to KC or OP after the 2nd session in the Cycle, any visit made will be charged at our drop-in rate and will not be eligible for Financial Aid. 


  • Fees are fully refundable until after the first class. Families may drop a course before the second session without financial penalty.  Families will be liable for the full fee if dropping a course after the second session.  
  • Limited financial assistance is available; please email Joanna at for more information.
  • Payment can be made online using Campium with credit card. Check payments should be sent to the After School Office rm 205A and should be made out to "Bank Street School for Children" or "Bank Street SFC".

Drop-in Service

  • Families may also request that SFC students drop-in to Kids Club or Our Place for $16 per hour.  To take advantage of this service, families must register their child on Campium each Cycle and pay a once per cycle/child $10 processing fee to allow drop-in charges to be recorded and paid online.  Registered families may access & review their accounts and pay online.  Families must also notify their child's classroom teachers & Joanna Sly ( before dismissal on the day they wish their child to drop-in.  Financial Aid is not applied to drop-in charges.


  • In order to keep your child safe, please call or email the After School Office (212-875-4430, if your child will not be attending his/her regularly scheduled class.