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Graduate School Alumni Leadership

Becoming an alumni leader..

How to Join the BSCAA Advisory Board

BSCAA stands for the Bank Street College Alumni Association. All alumni of the Bank Street Graduate School automatically become members of BSCAA upon graduation.

BSCAA’s leadership is composed of five officers who are elected by the overall alumni body for a two year term. In addition a group of 20-30 Advisory Board members are invited to serve for as long as they remain active participants.

All of the five elected officers have prior service of two years or more as Advisory Board members. As a member of the Advisory Board, your ideas on the direction of BSCAA and its events and programs are welcomed. Membership on the Advisory Board has only minimal time requirements. There are four meetings per year all held in New York at Bank Street College.

If you are a Bank Street graduate and are interested in becoming an alumni leader, please plan to attend a BSCAA meeting so that you can meet the Board members and learn about current projects. After you attend the meeting, please email to let us know if you are still interested in joining the Advisory Board.  We will then request that you submit your resume. Shortly after you send in your information, you will be contacted by the Chair of the BSCAA Advisory Board with the next steps.

The BSCAA Advisory Board members are:

Chair — Mary Timson '93

Committee Members:

Alisa Algava '08
Nancy Cardwell '88
Whendy Carter '03
Amber Cartwright '09
Sonia Diaz '04
Meghan Dunn '08
Ellen Foote '93
Losmeiya Huang '15
Leigh-Anne Keichline '13
Jon Luongo '05
Leslie Martinez '12
Brooke May '14
Patricia Mills '95
Rabin Nickens '03
Jessica Parise Dadigan '12
Misha Paskar '12
Alison Pepper '84
Patricia Pincus '76
JoAnn Secor '88
Kim Thurman '95
Lucy West '88

If you have interest in becoming a member, please contact:
Alumni Relations  or
Linda Reing