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Graduate School Alumni

Bank Street alumni make an impact in educational settings across the globe.

Davia Brown-Franklyn '97

NoneDavia Brown-Franklyn, GSE ‘97 and Senior Director of Partnerships at the Bank Street Education Center, didn’t grow up with dreams of becoming an educator, even though her grandmother had predicted she would be a teacher when she was six years old. Further Reading

Anna Adler '98

Anna Adler, GSE '98, has been an educator for over 24 years. Anna brings a diversity of teaching experiences to her current focus on literacy leadership and professional development. Further Reading

Dawn Campbell '15

Graduating from Bank Street is an achievement both professional and personal for Dawn Campbell, who triumped through hardship to get her Master's in General and Special Education. Further Reading

Meghan Dunn '08

Meghan Dunn is Principal of P.S. 446 in a particularly underserved community in Brooklyn. But she accepts each challenge as an opportunity for her students to grow. Further Reading

Susan Ochshorn '99

For nearly two decades, Susan Ochshorn has worked at the local, state, and national levels to integrate early childhood research, policy, and practice into the larger education reform conversation. Further Reading

Gregory David '11

Greg DavidGreg David is a "career changer" who worked in finance before Bank Street. After graduating, he became a teacher at the JCC in Manhattan’s Gift of Math program, assisting second graders with the improvement of math skills and concepts. He currently teaches 4th grade at Bank Street's School for Children. Further Reading

Jennifer Forsberg, '06

Jennifer ForsbergJennifer came to Bank Street as a 6th grade math and science teacher at the School for Children. Her time at the Graduate School helped her to consider pursuing different paths within the field of education, and she now works as an assistant director of technology in the Ossining Union Free School District, dealing with the ways different technologies relate to contemporary education. Further Reading

Randy Lichtenwalner '11

Randy LichtenwalnerRandy, now a principal at Dows Lane Elementary School, entered education as an administrator for off-Broadway theater. Thanks to Bank Street's extensive preparation, Randy has been able to reach students like one in his first class as a teacher at Dows Lane, who, though seemingly disinterested in learning, was later accepted into a highly competitive middle school. Further Reading

Rebecca Fishman Lipsey '08

Rebecca Fishman LipseyAs CEO of Radical Partners, Rebecca works tirelessly to help organizations reach their full social impact potential, providing them with skills for growth. She was featured in the Miami Herald's 20 Under 40, and was named Best Role Model by Miami Today and Best Nonprofit Executive by the International Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Before launching Radical Partners, Rebecca was executive director of Teach for America in Miami, where she triped the size of the organization. She currently sits on the board of the Florida Department of Education.

Medard Thomas '96

Medard ThomasMedard was recently appointed principal of Columbus Magnet School, a Bank Street elementary School in his hometown of Norwalk, Connecticut. After two decades of working as a teacher and administrator in surrounding towns, Medard will soon contribute his inherent leadership abilities in his own backyard as he guides a new community of students through what he refers to as a "crucial" stepping stone in their development. With his deep roots and connections to Bank Street, Medard is thrilled at the opportunity to lead a school built on the College's core values.

Tracie Benjamin Van Lierop '12

Tracie Benjamin Van LieropTracie is a "career changer" who worked in marketing before pursuing her master's degree at Bank Street. Now, she is a special educator advocating for the national implementation of progressive speclal education policy, specifically the Universal Design for Learning. Further Reading

Ted Wells '07

Ted WellsTed is especially interested in environmental issues. Bank Street's focus on the importance of creativity led him to create a YouTube channel for his students to disseminate information about a school-wide recycling program, as well as their "Catalog Canceling Challenge" for the reduction of paper usage and a campaign to Universal Studios for the addition of an environmental message to their website The Lorax. Further Reading