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Join The BSCAA Mentoring Program!

The BSCAA Mentoring Program facilitates career-related conversations between alumni offering recent graduates an opportunity to seek knowledge and advice, explore career options, and build their professional network. It also provides experienced alumni an opportunity to enhance their coaching and counseling skills, develop a more personal style of leadership, and give back to their alma mater in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Structured to accommodate the mentoring style that works best for everyone’s availability, this informal mentoring program allows alumni to connect in the following ways:

  • Long-term Mentoring: More frequent check-ins (i.e. bi weekly) in longer partnerships
  • Short-term Mentoring: Limited commitment, with occasional conversations to address key issues. Length of partnership can be decided by participants

The program is purposely less structured to allow mentor and mentee to create a structure that works best for both participants. However, we encourage both to view and use the Mentee and Mentor Guidelines on the alumni webpage as a resource. Additionally, we will require a midpoint and endpoint evaluation of the program. The evaluation will consist of a short survey in which both mentor and mentee can provide feedback on ways the program can improve and also serve as an opportunity for successes to be shared.

If you are interested, please take the BSCAA Mentoring Program survey to indicate your preferences, availability and contact information. We will do our best to match you within 30-days after you complete the survey. For questions please reach out to Alumni Relations at