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Greg David '11

Greg David teachingGreg is a graduate of Bank Street's Childhood Special and General Education degree program, and teaches 4th grade at the Bank Street School for Children. He previously spent 17 years in business, as a financial journalist, investment manager, and entrepreneur.

Greg is the founding teacher of the JCC in Manhattan's new Gift of Math program, an after-school support program for second graders who are struggling in math. He is the on-site math teacher at the initial site (PS 163), and has worked with tutors to help students master math concepts at their grade level. The program is being expanded to several other public schools in Manhattan.

In addition to his degree from Bank Street, Greg holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in English from NYU.

Along with Lance Leener '03 and Jamie Hooper '11, Greg recently appeared in a Wall Street Journal feature called Super Teachers, which highlighted five remarkable career changers in the teaching profession.

Watch: Greg talks about changing careers and what he learned at Bank Street over on YouTube.