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RG3 Finance and Administration

Biographical Note

Under the direction of Lucy Sprague Mitchell, administrative decisions were made cooperatively. The finance and administration records reflect this pattern of decision-making. From the founding of the Bureau through the 1940s, many of the administrative duties were handled by the Working Council. The formal establishment of administrative offices coincided with the presidency of John H. Niemeyer and the efforts to create a more formal organizational structure in the 1950s.

Scope and Content Note

The Finance and Administration records (10 cubic feet) are comprised of seven subgroups. These subgroups reflect the offices within the Division of Finance and Administration. They are: College Governance Committees, Business Office, Plant Operations, Human Resources, Library, Computer Services and the Office of the Vice President. The Finance and Administration records cover the time period from 1916-1999.


Select a subgroup below for more information.

  • SUBGROUP 1 College Governance Committees

    SERIES A - Working Council (1916-1921, 1931-1950) includes minutes and correspondence of the Working Council of the Bureau of Educational Experiments (BEE) from 1916 - 1921 and 1931-1950. The Working Council, the main governing body of the institution, was comprised of the founding members of the Bureau including Lucy Sprague Mitchell and Elizabeth Healy. Records are arranged chronologically.

    SERIES B - College Committee includes minutes of the committee from 1956-1962. The College Committee was organized to work with and advise the president on policy development and later became known as the College Policy Committee. Arrangement is chronological.

    SERIES C - College Policy Committee includes minutes of the College Policy Committee from 1964-1974. The College Policy Committee consisted of the president, the provost and dean of faculties, the vice president of business affairs, the vice president for planning and development, the division chairmen, the director of development and a representative of the Professional Staff Council; it advised the President on all matters pertaining to the operation of the College.

    SERIES D - Joint Personnel Policies Committee contains proposals for professional staff policies and procedures. The JPPC was responsible for drafting professional staff policies. The committee was comprised of staff and trustees, including four members of the standing personnel committee of the PSC, one trustee, the President and the Provost-Dean. The series, arranged chronologically, covers the time period from 1965-1994.

    SERIES E - Professional Staff Council includes minutes, correspondence and notes of the Professional Staff Council from 1964-1999, as well as Professional Staff Handbooks and drafts. Originally known as Faculty Council, PSC was formed in 1964 as a result of a joint administrative-staff evaluation and acts as a forum for all matters concerning the professional staff. All divisions of the college have representation on the council. When Bank Street unionized in 1997, the Professional Staff Council became known as the Staff Council to include support staff as well as professionals. The bulk of the records, arranged chronologically, cover the time period from 1990-1999.

    SERIES F - Other Committees includes the records of short-lived and ad-hoc committees. The records range from 1920-1998 with the bulk of the series from 1970-1979. Arrangement is chronological.

  • SUBGROUP 2 Business Office

    SERIES A - Correspondence and Reports (1954[1970-1980]) includes the correspondence and reports of the Business Office. The series is arranged chronologically.

    SERIES B - Financial Records (1928[1956-1969]1980) includes tax documents, financial statements, reports and audit materials. The series is arranged alphabetically by record type, then chronologically within each type.

    SERIES C - Budgets includes budget summaries and statements from 1956-1967 arranged chronologically.

    SERIES D - 14th Street Building (1960-1971) contains the correspondence of Victor Seigel, vice president of business affairs, regarding the Bank Street building on 14th Street. Topics, arranged alphabetically, include leases, maintenance and security.

    SERIES E - 112th Street Building (1961-1973) includes photos and extensive correspondence of Victor Seigel, Vice President of Business Affairs, regarding the planning and construction of the building at 610 West 112th Street. The series is arranged alphabetically.

  • SUBGROUP 3 Plant Operations

    SERIES A - Correspondence and Reports contains a memoranda from 1972 on operational procedures of Central Services.

    SERIES B - Plant Procedures (1974-1975, 1998) contains building manuals and security procedures arranged alphabetically.

    SERIES C - Central Services No Content

  • SUBGROUP 4 Human Resources

    SERIES A - Correspondence and Reports (1960[1982-1987]1999) contains correspondence, a Cafeteria Survey, New York State Higher Education Data Systems survey and TIAA-CREF memos and reports. Arrangement is alphabetical.

    SERIES B - Position Vacancies contains announcements for vacant positions from 1984-1987.

    SERIES C - Union contains agreements with the bargaining unit from 1974 and 1976.

    SERIES D - Staff Directories contains staff directories from 1970-1972, 1980 and 1998 arranged chronologically.

    SERIES E - Calendars contains an All-College Calendar for the school year 1987-1988.

  • SUBGROUP 5 Library

    The Bureau had a small informal library which served primarily as a meeting place. Shortly after John Niemeyer became president, Bank Street's first librarian Claire Clemmons was hired. The collection was expanded and procedures were formalized in an effort to gain accreditation.

    SERIES A - Administration (1957[1970-1996]) includes records from the office of the Director of Library Services and Library Advisory Committee, as well as surveys and statistics. The series is arranged in alphabetical order.

    SERIES B - Professional Staff contains the minutes of library staff meetings from 1993-1996 arranged chronologically.

    SERIES C - Collections (1967-1996) includes materials on special collections, bookplates, and handbooks for library services arranged alphabetically.

    SERIES D - Programs (1968-1993) includes limited records of library programs such as curriculum-building materials and bibliographies created by the library on topics such as child development. The series is arranged alphabetically by topic.

    SERIES E - College Archives (1968-1992) includes materials relating to the formation of the College Archives and the choice of Teachers College as a repository for the materials. Correspondence on the donation of the papers of Lucy Sprague Mitchell and Barbara Biber and an early inventory of archival materials in the collection are included.

  • SUBGROUP 6 Computer Services

    SERIES A - Correspondence and Reports currently empty

    SERIES B - Brochures contains a brochure on available computer outreach services from the 1980s.

  • SUBGROUP 7 Office of the Vice President

    SERIES A - Correspondence and Reports contains correspondence with the Academic Computing Committee from 1993-1996.

    SERIES B - Manuals contains a procedural manual produced by the office in 1987.