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Beyond the Election: Resources for Promoting Community Dialogue

At Bank Street, we strive to maintain an inclusive community grounded in the tradition of working collaboratively and respectfully with one another. In the aftermath of a divisive election exposing deep cultural and social tensions within our country, Bank Street students, parents, faculty, and staff remain steadfast in a commitment to lead by example as we work to help create a more just and democratic world.

As Bank Street educators, we use observation, reflection, inquiry, and language to help build bridges of understanding and plant seeds of growth and learning. In our classrooms, we view perceived obstacles as opportunities for teaching and learning. Now more than ever, we must challenge ourselves and others to spread these practices into the world around us. In the words of President Shael Polakow-Suransky, “We have the option of withdrawing or the option of engaging. I believe, even in the toughest of historical moments, there is space to do good work.”

The resources below can help us all process, frame, and discuss our country’s political atmosphere and the ways in which we can all move forward together.

"What Should We Tell Our Kids? Be Tomorrow's Leaders, Today" on Common Sense Media

The Day After” blog post on Teaching Tolerance

"What to Say to Kids on November 10 and the Days After" blog post on Teaching Tolerance

"Resources for Promoting Dialogue Post-Election 2016" on NewseumED

"Suggestions for Talking to Your Child About This Election" by Laura Guarino, Associate Dean of Children's Programs at Bank Street

"The Election: A Message from Facing History's President & CEO" from Facing History

"President Obama: 'We Have to Remember That We're All on One Team" from New York Magazine

"Election 2016: What's Next?" blog post from The Meeting House

"The Election is Over, But for Teachers, Hard Conversations are Just Beginning" by Madeline Will, Education Week

"After the Election: Ideas for Teachers of ELLs" by

"An Educator's Guide to the Immigration Debate" by Teaching Tolerance

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