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Jan 12

Blog Policy

Posted by Council of Students in Council of Students Blog on Jan 12, 2012

The Council of Students (COS) Blog provides an exciting opportunity for students to reflect on issues associated with their education and professional development here at the Graduate School of Education, in the educating institutions in which they work, and society at large. Further, it provides a forum for students to practice and hone professional communication skills for working with families, colleagues, and the communities in which they work.  The Council of Students is responsible for generating content for this blog.

All postings, comments, and media will be reviewed to ensure appropriate content and edited by the Office of the Dean for consistency in style and format before being published on the official Graduate School of Education website. Neither the Graduate School of Education nor Bank Street College will be liable for any errors or omissions.  Postings, comments, and media may be submitted to and will appear on the COS blog within 48 hours of submission, unless the author is otherwise notified. The blog is organized in discussion threads, that is, an initial post is created to which others may respond.  The discussion threads are titled, enabling the reader to search the blog for specific topics.

This blog is moderated by the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School and reflects the standards of proper and ethical use expected in all aspects of Bank Street’s electronic communication.  As such, all postings, comments, and media must conform to Bank Street’s current Acceptable Use Policy. The College reserves the right to refuse postings or remove postings at any time due to content or lack of space on the server.

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