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Jun 07

Blog Policy

Posted by Valentine Burr in Fair Is Not Equal on Jun 07, 2012

We encourage your comments and look forward to a collaboratively created space where you share stories, ask questions and connect with other professionals.

We will play an active role in moderating this blog for several reasons. Primarily we want to ensure that this is a safe and constructive space. We encourage divergent opinions, in the spirit of respectful, collective inquiry. Since our topic is potentially sensitive, we want to ensure that we are protecting the privacy of children, families, schools, teachers and other professionals in this endeavor.

To this end, we will review all comments before we post them. We won’t censor comments based on ideological points of view, but there are times we may edit comments to protect privacy and to adhere to Bank Street College standards of style and format.

This blog reflects the standards of proper and ethical use expected in all aspects of Bank Street’s electronic communication. As such, all postings, comments, and media must conform to Bank Street’s current Acceptable Use Policy. We reserve the right to refuse postings or remove postings at any time due to content or lack of space on the server. Neither Bank Street College nor the blog authors will be liable for any errors or omissions.

Comments will appear on the FiNE blog within 48 hours of submission, unless the author is otherwise notified. The blog is organized in discussion threads, that is, an initial post is created to which others may respond. The discussion threads are titled, enabling the reader to search the blog for specific topics.

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