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Jun 07

Our Goal

Posted by Valentine Burr in Fair Is Not Equal on Jun 07, 2012


Our Goal

Our experience as teachers and teacher educators has lead us to understand that teachers never stop needing better ways to intervene in their students' behavioral, social, and emotional lives. The Fair is Not Equal (FiNE) blog is a resource for getting support, sharing strategies and engaging in an inquiry process. It is designed to provide you with intervention ideas to support your immediate needs related to challenging behaviors, as well as frames of thinking to support long-term development of your students’ emotional and behavioral growth.

Our primary goal is to provide you with a resource where you can explore questions about challenging behaviors in your classroom—a place where you can stop on your daily teaching travels and catch your breath, reflect, problem-solve, and continue on your journey.

What We Know

We know that you are among the first responders when it comes to intervening in your students’ behavioral and socio-emotional lives. This role brings great satisfaction and reward along with great stress.

We know that you want and need answers to the questions you have and for the challenges you face everyday. And that you have successful ideas already that you could share with others.

We know that behavior modification strategies can be like band-aids: They may help for the moment, but can wear thin in the long-term. There are no quick-fixes; real change takes time, trial, and error, which is one reason why the world is full of “behavior management” books and yet teachers continue to struggle with behaviors!

We are going to opt for a process approach, developing ways of looking and thinking and assessing. That said, we know that sometimes you just need a strategy you can try tomorrow.

How This Blog Works

We will share ideas, strategies, research, stories, artifacts, resources, current topics in the field, case studies and questions.

We hope you will share your ideas, artifacts, stories and questions too. As we develop a community of educators, we will write posts that are responsive to your interests, needs and questions.

From time to time we’ll ask you to participate through responding to case studies or sharing specific strategies and ideas from your own practice.


We look forward to creating a community with you.

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