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Jun 07

Who We Are

Posted by Valentine Burr in Fair Is Not Equal on Jun 07, 2012

Valentine Burr and Pam JonesValentine Burr and Pamela Jones, faculty at Bank Street College of Education.

Pam worked as a learning specialist for grades K and one, as a third grade general education teacher in an inclusion setting, and as a 5th grade teacher in a general education classroom. In addition, she served as a Child Study Coordinator for grades K-two.  Pam is currently an advisor and instructor at Bank Street College. She teaches Designing and Managing Classroom Environments for Children and Youth with Special Needs and has taught Developmental Variations. 

Val began her teaching career working in a residential school for children with significant emotional and behavioral disabilities. She went on to teach elementary-high school students in a variety of settings, including a public high school here in New York City that was one of the first to develop a full inclusion model. In 2000 she joined the faculty at Bank Street College, where she is an instructor and advisor.

Together, we welcome you to our blog: Fair is Not Equal: A Differentiated Approach for Supporting Behavioral Growth in the Classroom. Our experience as both teachers and teacher educators has shown us that teachers never stop needing better ways to intervene in their students’ behavioral, social, and emotional lives. We hope this space will become a gathering spot for you and us to share ideas, to problem solve, to look at children’s emotional and behavioral challenges through a new lens, and to support each other in the process.


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