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Jul 31

Managing Stress

Posted by Pamela Jones in Fair Is Not Equal on Jul 31, 2012

Stressed-OutIn a word, stress can be insidious! While many of us use small amounts of stress as a motivating factor, in large doses it can wreak havoc on our minds, bodies, and spirits. Perhaps you've heard people say to you, "Don't stress!" To that, we often say, "Sure, that makes sense, but how?"As the thrust of this blog is to help educators as they support their students' emotional and behavioral growth, it is key to note that the following: there is a connection, a veritable "inextricable link" that exists between intervening in our students' emotionally-charged situations and our own stress levels.  

Though far from exhaustive, the bulleted list below provides you with some starter ideas for how you can stress less. 

  1. Set realistic goals; unrealistic ones stress you out!
  2. Set time limits.
  3. Organize yourself and set priorities.
  4. Be flexible!
  5. Exercise! This could include yoga, pilates, a walk/jog/run, tai chi, or whatever physical activity you choose.  You can integrate this into your morning or afternoon routine with your students as well!  Check out this clip of a couple of educators/school counselors helping their students manage stress (which, of course, in turn, helps them manage their stress).
  6. Take time out for yourself; the workk will still be there!
  7. Commiserate, and then Strategize: Give yourself the time and space to commiserate with your colleagues about things that are getting you down but stay away from negative complaining. Air your stressors and then begin to strategize as to how things can be improved. This way, you'll be less stressed in the end--trust us!

Remember this key point:  If we're running on empty and are highly-stressed, we are rendering ourselves less capable of supporting our students (so it does us well to be mindful of how to manage our respective stress levels).

What are your thoughts? How do you manage stress? Can you share a 3-step stress-busters plan for yourself as the new school year approaches? Do tell! 

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