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Jan 31

Can You Say, "Namaste?"

Posted by Pamela Jones in Fair Is Not Equal on Jan 31, 2013

The low hum that denotes productive noise has crescendoed into a boisterous roar. Now, you're wondering how to get back on track so that you don't veer too far off of your day's plan. Believe us when we say we've been there.

We know your agendas are packed with delivering lesson plans and assessing your kids across the content areas but when our students become dysregulated and are acting out behaviorally or emotionally, we should STOP--and consider the mind-body connection.

We encourage you to find the time to integrate practices like yoga into your students' daily routine. Controlled breathing, synchronized movements, and increased concentration can help your students feel calmer and more in control of themselves. Introducing something new can be daunting but no worries, because you can start small. Consider starting with the website Yoga in My School, which provides myriad ways of integrating yoga across the curriculum.

We've seen teachers start small by doing 1-2 simple yoga stretches, like the tree pose or simple animal-inspired poses (like a cat stretch or silent lion's roar) at the beginning of the day. Though simple, these movements can trigger a calming state and help kids regulate their bodies and minds.

The time you devote to your students' mind-body connection will pay off in the long run. It's a worthwhile investment! So the next time you're wondering how best to start your students' day, perhaps you should say, "Namaste."

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