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Dec 15

A Day in my Life - A Balancing Act

Posted by Carolina Soto in Graduate Admissions on Dec 15, 2016

On a typical weekday, I feel like I have a million thoughts. Like many graduate students who may also work and lead full lives outside of school, I also feel like I have hundreds of things to do, from small things like making the bed or mailing out rent, to heftier undertakings like writing an assignment for class or being there for my students’ needs. Between talking with co-workers, talking with my students, my husband, friends, family, classmates, instructors, and other Bank Street staff — I’m not sure how many interactions I have or how many words I speak! However, I can assure that it is a lot. I think of my days like a wide, glowing, electric web of a thousand thin strands interlaced and woven, held together by I don’t know what. Every day varies, but here’s a glimpse of a common day:

After I’ve peeled myself from bed, showered, dressed, fed my cat, and greeted my husband, I leave my apartment usually still half asleep. I rush to catch the two buses which will take me to work.

I stop by a Dominican bakery to get coffee or this delicious cup of heavenly goodness for breakfast. It is a thick, liquid, warm, cinnamon-y oatmeal drink which satisfies the need for some breakfast and really soothes my soul. It also helps that as I walk, I can drink, because let’s face it, if my breakfast isn’t quick, it may not happen.

Upon arrival, I’m usually greeted like this:

Before I even drop my bags, about 10 children run up to me for a big bear hug— they are smiling, yelling their “good mornings,” or telling me some amazing bit of information about their lives.

(Pictured: Making "space goop.")

Then there’s so much work to do! Meeting time, fun small group activities, storytimes, community walks, dancing, singing, playing— a full day of learning. As a teacher, with the help my my awesome assistant, I also put up bulletin boards, manage many classroom or student documents throughout the day, and upkeep my classroom as needed.

After a busy morning, we have lunch, we read, and the children nap if they want — which they usually do and I can’t blame them because at this point in the day I wish I could too. Instead I use the time to do lesson plans or work on any other documents.

After they wake up, there’s snack time, more activities similar to the morning routine, and I either leave at 3:30pm or 5:00pm (depends on the day). I’ll usually go to class at BronxWorks, or head home again— which means more buses.

Then, if I don’t have class—  I stop by a Starbucks, pick up dinner, or get home to cook (which, even though it is one of my favorite things to do ever, seems kind of torturous). I usually have to do some homework or something. I very rarely have time to do leisurely things —  but I know it’ll all be beyond worth it.
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