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Early Childhood Literature-- Books For Children And Why They're My Favorite Thing

Posted by Carolina Soto on Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018

You can say anything with a book. And children love them. They are essential tools for teaching and learning that color the process of delivering content to young minds. Appropriate, quality literature goes far beyond stimulating children’s literacy learning. Books help to convey messages of every kind and illustrate ideas ...

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Celebrating All Of Us-- Ways We Promote Cultural Inclusion And Responsiveness In My Classroom

Posted by Carolina Soto on Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018

It’s no secret that cultural responsiveness is a sought-after practice. At Bank Street, it is part of the educative canon. However, it is also not a secret that practicing it can be challenging. Culturally Responsive Practice (CRP) requires understanding of what it really is and as a teacher, practicing it ...

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Science And Early Childhood - Why Young Children Are The Best Scientists

Posted by Carolina Soto on Thursday, Jan 25, 2018

Scientists are astrophysicists. They are chemists, and archaeologists - biologists and anthropologists. They also happen to be three- and four-year-old children in my classroom. Last Fall, I took Science for Teachers (see a prior blogger’s post on his experience in this class here). Thoughts of science and young children are ...

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Quantifying Intelligence And Success In Early Childhood

Posted by Carolina Soto on Thursday, Jan 18, 2018

As the year begins, we often set new goals for ourselves and experience a renewal in our outlooks and dispositions. At this halfway point in the school year, I also tend to reflect on the goals my students have for themselves, their  developmental milestones, and the goals parents and families ...

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Reflecting on Autumn - Learning the Season

Posted by Carolina Soto on Saturday, Dec 23, 2017

“CI-NNA-MON!” the class yelled the syllables in a boisterous, clamoring, almost-unison that reverberated enthusiasm through the room. Yes— what they’d just smelled is cinnamon— and nutmeg, cloves, allspice and ginger, ground and mixed together to form a spice that is uniquely autumn. I had just introduced them to some essential ...

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Progressive Education: Learning to Understand

Posted by Carolina Soto on Monday, Sep 25, 2017

In education, it’s always a point of both interest and tension: progressive education versus traditional and all the assumptions that come with each. Growing up having been taught via traditional education then attending Bank Street for graduate school, I can admit that I’ve never felt the active process of real ...

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Colorism and the Bronx

Posted by Carolina Soto on Monday, Sep 11, 2017

Bank Street is big on social justice. We roar like lions at the inequities of our educational system.  It is a source of pride for many of us graduate students that equity, exploring institutional and systemic racism, color, culture, bias, stereotypes and activism are steadfast anchors - integral bones in ...

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Experiences With Bank Street’s Center On Culture, Race And Equity— Summer Musings (Or Lack Thereof)

Posted by Carolina Soto on Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017

Basically, at this point in the year, I’m a zombie. I’m so tired, my eyelashes ache - which I can assure you, can be a normal symptom after every school year. I can imagine many teachers feel the same and are blessedly counting down the hours, minutes, seconds until school’s ...

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NAEYC's Week Of The Young Child: From The Bottom Of The Sea Up, Up Into Our Classroom

Posted by Carolina Soto on Friday, Jun 2, 2017

Although this year was my fourth participating in NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child (and despite all the work that goes into the presentation) it never ceases to wow me. The students definitely express their wonder at how all of their weeks of work (and ours as educators) come together ...

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Springtime in the Bronx

Posted by Carolina Soto on Monday, May 15, 2017

Spring feels like freedom. Once spring is done with the dreary, watery days of April and the sun emerges (most days) in May - I love it. My students do too. The warmer weather, soothing breezes and infinite blue skies re-energize us with a luminous optimism veiled in mirth. Although ...

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Supporting Each Other: A Bridge Between Families And Educators

Posted by Carolina Soto on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

One of the most challenging things about teaching in early childhood education surprisingly has nothing to do with children. Building an effective & secure bridge of trust, communication, and deep understanding between teachers and families really requires a lot of willingness and acceptance. This is often quite the task. Take for ...

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Supervised Fieldwork: Conference Groups

Posted by Carolina Soto on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

It’d been whispered a time or two that educators often need therapy. Not the lay-on-a-chaise-and-spill-all-your-existential-crises-out-to-a-doctor kind of therapy (although there’s nothing wrong with that). No, more like the kind of therapy anyone needs after a taxing day (or a couple of days) of hard work. Teaching is not easy—  it’s ...

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Supervised Fieldwork: Observation

Posted by Carolina Soto on Tuesday, Apr 11, 2017

Nothing terrifies a teacher more than mentioning a class observation. Teachers are observed a lot - a whole lot. Whether from the city, the state, independent organizations, or any part of an administration, having someone watch every move you make to assess your competency is always nerve-wracking, no matter how ...

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Exploring Curriculum - Activities I Do With My Students And Why

Posted by Carolina Soto on Thursday, Mar 30, 2017

If there’s one thing I’ve proven time and again in my journey as a teacher, it is that young children love to have fun. When we are immersed in a study characterized by interesting, challenging material, days pass unnoticed and learning happens seemingly by a kind of intrinsic osmosis. Then ...

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Developmentally Appropriate Practice - We’re Not Just Playing!

Posted by Carolina Soto on Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017

Children play for a reason. There are very specific, very real, biological, emotional, cognitive,  and human reasons children are irrevocably compelled to and consumed with play. Play is an essential vehicle for learning in children’s lives. When they are immersed in the depths of profound play sessions, they are learning ...

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Emotionally Responsive Practice And Emotional Literacy - Invaluable Resources For Our Youngest Students

Posted by Carolina Soto on Wednesday, Mar 8, 2017

I’d heard that students at Bank Street like to eat. It came as no surprise when I heard one of Bank Street’s classic symposiums, the Weismann Dinner, always featured good chicken - lots of good chicken. This was my first brush with Emotionally Responsive Practice (ERP) - my interest piqued, ...

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Winter in NYC

Posted by Carolina Soto on Monday, Feb 27, 2017

Although winter seems like it’s left us early this year, there are some of us who actually long for the season. Despite the bitter cold some of us (me!) try desperately to escape - winter truly plays an integral part in the idyllic New York City experience. When I’m bundled ...

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A Lifetime of Learning Awaits... And It All Started With That One Click

Posted by Carolina Soto on Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017

Let me allay your fears. Bank Street is that ideal college - It is unique, and it is wonderful.  Through my studies here, I have found Bank Street to be cozy and intimate, simultaneously an extensive network of staff, students, partnerships, programs, and resources which make it an indelible educational establishment. ...

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How to Survive: Tips to Keep Your Sanity Through Grad School at Bank Street

Posted by Carolina Soto on Friday, Feb 3, 2017

Sometimes it all seems overwhelming. Life is a big ball of rubber bands -a messy looking sphere comprised of many strands of experiences. The rubber bands cross each other intertwining -they’re stretched or relaxed -sometimes they snap. These individual experiences making up the whole may be strained and filled with tension like a ...

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Culturally Responsive Practice - Shared Funds Of Knowledge With Our Community

Posted by Carolina Soto on Monday, Jan 23, 2017

This city is a melting pot. It is a classic phrase:  true, utilized, and heard quite possibly too often, yet it remains an apt description of the absolute fusion of cultures, connections, and states of being existing in New York City. There is a quintessential fluidity here that unapologetically paints ...

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Theory and Practice - What Do Vygotsky, Erikson, and Maslow Know About 3 Year Olds in the Bronx?

Posted by Carolina Soto on Thursday, Jan 12, 2017

If New York City is legendarily tough - The Bronx is tougher. There’s a sense of bravado - a strength, pride and a distinguishable bearing wrought from life experience in the Bronx. This character is passed down - it is cultivated in the youngest Bronxites because it provides a vital defense against the ...

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Beating the Stress: Places to Chill in NYC

Posted by Carolina Soto on Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017

This time of year is insane for many of us. The semester comes to a close and the winter holidays come barreling through with both the scent of panic and freshly baked cookies in the air. Before the winter break, it seems like everyone stresses over tying up loose ends. That ...

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A Day in my Life - A Balancing Act

Posted by Carolina Soto on Thursday, Dec 15, 2016

On a typical weekday, I feel like I have a million thoughts. Like many graduate students who may also work and lead full lives outside of school, I also feel like I have hundreds of things to do, from small things like making the bed or mailing out rent, to heftier ...

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The 17th Annual Language Series Conference— My First Time, Certainly Not My Last

Posted by Carolina Soto on Thursday, Dec 8, 2016

Vibrant, effervescent— people milled about the Bank Street lobby. Anticipation and enthusiasm intertwined with warmth and comfort—  painting the diverse crowd with both splashes of bright color and hushed golden honey hues like translucent watercolor. Trickling into the Tabas Auditorium, we awaited the keynote address. The pleasure of contemplating and ...

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Welcome to the Bronx! Introducing Bank Street's First Bronx Cohort via The Early Childhood Urban Education Initiative Program

Posted by Carolina Soto on Wednesday, Nov 30, 2016

I’d never heard of Bank Street before one and a half years ago. But it seems a lifetime for all I’ve learned. It is no secret that Bank Street College of Education is an institution highly regarded in early childhood education. Except —  it had been a secret to me. ...

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Meet Carolina Soto Bonds

Posted by Carolina Soto on Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016

Hello! I am the 2016-2017 Bank Street College Graduate Admissions Student Blogger. Yay! I am excited — maybe too much — and a little in awe of all the opportunity it encompasses. Carolina Soto Bonds. That is my name. My name is me. I am from New York City born ...

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