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Colorism and the Bronx

Posted by Carolina Soto on Monday, Sep 11, 2017

Bank Street is big on social justice. We roar like lions at the inequities of our educational system.  It is a source of pride for many of us graduate students that equity, exploring institutional and systemic racism, color, culture, bias, stereotypes and activism are steadfast anchors - integral bones in ...

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Experiences With Bank Street’s Center On Culture, Race And Equity— Summer Musings (Or Lack Thereof)

Posted by Carolina Soto on Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017

Basically, at this point in the year, I’m a zombie. I’m so tired, my eyelashes ache - which I can assure you, can be a normal symptom after every school year. I can imagine many teachers feel the same and are blessedly counting down the hours, minutes, seconds until school’s ...

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