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Supervised Fieldwork: Conference Groups

Posted by Carolina Soto on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

It’d been whispered a time or two that educators often need therapy. Not the lay-on-a-chaise-and-spill-all-your-existential-crises-out-to-a-doctor kind of therapy (although there’s nothing wrong with that). No, more like the kind of therapy anyone needs after a taxing day (or a couple of days) of hard work. Teaching is not easy—  it’s ...

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Supervised Fieldwork at Cool Culture

Posted by Domonique Williams on Thursday, Apr 28, 2016

Along with graduation, what I was most looking forward to at the start of my last semester at Bank Street was the supervised fieldwork portion of the museum education program at a cultural institution. In the Museum Education:Childhood program we are required to do one semester of supervised fieldwork in ...

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