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Developmentally Appropriate Practice - We’re Not Just Playing!

Posted by Carolina Soto on Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017

Children play for a reason. There are very specific, very real, biological, emotional, cognitive,  and human reasons children are irrevocably compelled to and consumed with play. Play is an essential vehicle for learning in children’s lives. When they are immersed in the depths of profound play sessions, they are learning ...

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Emotionally Responsive Practice And Emotional Literacy - Invaluable Resources For Our Youngest Students

Posted by Carolina Soto on Wednesday, Mar 8, 2017

I’d heard that students at Bank Street like to eat. It came as no surprise when I heard one of Bank Street’s classic symposiums, the Weismann Dinner, always featured good chicken - lots of good chicken. This was my first brush with Emotionally Responsive Practice (ERP) - my interest piqued, ...

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Culturally Responsive Practice - Shared Funds Of Knowledge With Our Community

Posted by Carolina Soto on Monday, Jan 23, 2017

This city is a melting pot. It is a classic phrase:  true, utilized, and heard quite possibly too often, yet it remains an apt description of the absolute fusion of cultures, connections, and states of being existing in New York City. There is a quintessential fluidity here that unapologetically paints ...

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