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“I wish that Mommy never dies.” Helping My Preschooler Cope With Grief and Loss

Posted by Shani Thorton on Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017

Posted January 13, 2017 on ChildLifeMommyAbout the Author:Shani Thornton '07, is working as a Certified Child Life Specialist in private practice, parenting two little boys and always "pushing herself to do a little better." On her blog ChildLife Mommy, Shani shares tips on working with kids and adolescents and supporting ...

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Neil deGrasse Tyson in the School House

Posted by Lorraine Yamin on Tuesday, Sep 5, 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson in the School House A new school year can offer feelings of hope and optimism. The nation’s current events tarnish the social backdrop against which teachers’ hopes and plan as they launch their year. As we prepare, discarding broken materials or donating unused items, moving shelving, developing ...

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Campfire Stories: “Compost Week: Life, Death … and Poop!”

Posted by Ryan Weaver on Monday, Aug 7, 2017

Ryan Rose Weaver '17, experienced writer, editor, teacher and project manager. Kids love it when grownups allow them to say the word “poop.” You’ll hear that word a lot at Butter Beans summer camp. But never fear, parents–our “poop” has a purpose. “You mean that dirt is mostly worm poop?” “Wait… ...

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From Three To Four Years of Age

Posted by Lorraine Yamin on Wednesday, Apr 5, 2017

For teachers, spring break is one of those natural points in a school year that provokes reflection on the trajectories of student growth. Much of child and adolescent development toggles between periods of unobservable, internal change and periods of observable, expressed change. For me, watching a group of three-year-olds transmute ...

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How I learned building great teams sometimes requires heavy lifting, literally.

Posted by BSCAA on Monday, Mar 27, 2017

Uniit Carruyo '14, is an early childhood educator and author of Team Teaching in Early Childhood: Leadership Tools for Reflective Practice (available from Redleaf Press). Here she ponders the elements of a productive team. For much of my twenty-plus year career in early childhood, I have been a classroom teacher. Over the course of ...

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Posted by BSCAA on Tuesday, Mar 7, 2017

The Alumni Blog is a space where you can share your ideas, passions, and experiences. Submit your thoughts and opinions and we will post them here. We can’t wait to hear your voice! Comments or opinions expressed on The Alumni Blog are those of their respective contributors only. The views expressed do not ...

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Some of Our Past Bloggers

Posted by BSCAA on Tuesday, Mar 7, 2017

Alisa Algava ‘08, leader of a small Hudson Valley progressive school Gloria Arenson ’58, psychotherapist Bill Ayers ‘84, UIC professor, Chicago Fred Baumgarten ‘84, writer/musician/naturalist/father Keith Berman '03, founder/president of Options for College and Bank Street’s LinkedIn moderator David Bowles ’08 (SFC ’93), museum educator at the Rubin Museum of ...

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Brooklyn Public Library Downsizing

Posted by Marion Palm on Saturday, Jun 20, 2015

a Bank Street alumna’s call to action Are fellow educators aware that our Brooklyn Public Library is "downsizing" existing libraries to fit inside of housing intended for high rise condos and "affordable housing"? Where are the people supposed to go when their library is demolished? Just sending people to a ...

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Caring in Cameroon

Posted by Deborah Vilas on Monday, Jun 8, 2015

When we observe anything in this world, our perspective is tightly interconnected with our cultural context. As we grow from the egocentrism of childhood to a more expansive view as adults, we may see that not everyone comes from our circumstances, shares our belief system or our way of doing ...

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Protecting Kids From Sexual Abuse

Posted by Shani Thorton on Monday, Jun 8, 2015

There has been a lot of discussion regarding child sexual abuse lately and the topic should continue. A recent blog post, “Why We Don’t Keep Secrets in Our House (Child Abuse Prevention)” on Denver Metro Mom’s Blog went viral and for a great reason. We need to face this unimaginable issue head ...

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Word Gap, Play Gap

Posted by Steve Evangelista on Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015

Steve Evangelista A recent report, Little to Gain and Much to Lose, calls for a moratorium on kindergarten Common Core reading standards. The report argues that the “many children are not developmentally ready to read in kindergarten.” Therefore, expectations for reading in kindergarten should not be forced on children, who ...

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Charter vs. Public: Misconceptions

Posted by Steve Evangelista on Monday, Feb 10, 2014

I'm writing with Margaret Ryan on the eve of a forum about inequities in public education. We chose specifically to focus this panel discussion and roundtable on public school education, and not just charter school education, even though we have been running a charter school for the past nine years. ...

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