Dec 20

An Expert’s Selection of Best Holiday Book Gifts for Children and Young Adults

Posted by BSCAA in The Alumni Blog on Dec 20, 2012

By Lisa Von Drasek, former Children’s Librarian at Bank Street

To my dear, dear Bank Street colleagues,

As your Children’s Librarian, I was often asked for recommendations for titles to give as gifts. I am a big fan of giving books. It can be difficult to select a title for a child or young adult that you only see once or twice a year. Think of me as that fabulous bookseller standing at the ready when you say…”I have a six year old niece”  I miss the business of the Bank Street Library and co-workers here don’t know me well enough to ask for recommendations So here  are the links to my end-of-the -year, best of 2012 recommendations. They are divided by age and format.  Feel free to forward. Poetry will post sometime today.



Best Books to Give Kids that you don’t know very well at

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