May 06

Clean Energy Opportunity for Alumni

Posted by BSCAA in The Alumni Blog on May 06, 2013

Dear Fellow Bank Street Alum:

A tremendous opportunity to raise funds for Bank Street’s Alumni Association (BSCAA), without writing a check, has come our way. A fellow alum has introduced us to a cutting edge energy company called, Viridian, which provides affordable green energy to customers. This initiative has the potential to engage all of us based on an important issue of our time, renewable green energy.  The program offers an innovative way for BSCAA to raise funds. The way it would work is that each time a Bank Street alum pays their energy bill under Viridian through BSCAA’s future participation, BSCAA would receive a residual income to continue to support our alumni programs and events.

Energy deregulation allows all of us to select an alternative supplier for our electric and natural gas needs while staying with our current utility. This means your current utility company takes care of delivery, service, and maintenance needs and you get the same utility bill. The only difference is you’ll be making a significant contribution toward greening and cleaning up our environment, and you’ll see Viridian’s name and competitive rate on your monthly statement.

Making the right choice doesn’t have to cost more. In fact, the average Everyday Green customer saves money on energy costs over time.

At this time, we are asking you to let us know your interest in supporting this program. Please fill out the simple form below and send it to Linda Reing at Bank Street. If there is significant interest from our fellow alumni, BSCAA will consider moving forward with this project.
I look forward to hearing of your intelligent and thoughtful choice.

Mary Timson (’94)
Chair, Bank Street Alumni Association Advisory Board


Yes, I would be interested in signing up for greener energy at a competitive price and at the same time assisting the alumni association if this program is adopted.

Name:_____________________________________________ Preferred email:____________

Please return to: Linda Reing

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