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Looking for alums

Posted by Anne Mitchell in The Alumni Blog on Jan 22, 2014

Bank Street College began in 1916 as the Bureau of Educational Experiments located on Bank Street in Greenwich Village. The Bank Street Early Childhood (summer) Leadership program (aka in its early days "Day Care Administration") began in 1981 and will be 35 years old in 2016 — when Bank Street College will be 100 years old.

Looking for alums of the Bank Street Early Childhood (Summer) Leadership program (aka in its early days ‘Day Care Administration’)

Several alums of the ECL Summer program, Sue Mankiw, Janis Strasser, Ann Hansborough, Jim Clay along with Anne Mitchell and Eileen Wasow (advisors) gathered before the Bank Street College reception at the NAEYC Annual Conference in Washington DC in November 2013. We talked about how best to celebrate/document the EC Leadership program as it turns 35. Ideas so far are a survey on the impact of the program on its alums (maybe just one question:  what am I because of the Bank Street EC Leadership program?), an electronic collection of photos and other memorabilia, a very brief history/update document, some kind of event in concert with the College’s 100th anniversary. Perhaps a movement experience led by Lonnetta Taylor-Gaines…? The sky’s the limit at this stage. First, we want to find as many of the Early Childhood (Summer) Leadership graduates and faculty as possible.

If you are an alum or an adviser or faculty in the Bank Street Early Childhood (summer) Leadership program or know of others who are, please contact Anne Mitchell at anne.walsh.mitchell@gmail.com or 518-966-4585.

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