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Jan 16

Retired Bank Street Faculty Gathering

Posted by Marian Howard in The Alumni Blog on Jan 16, 2018

On Jan 7th Hal Melnick and Marian Howard hosted an afternoon fireside reunion of retired and former members of the Graduate Faculty at Marian's home in Riverdale N.Y. We caught up on exciting things former faculty members are doing since leaving Bank Street.We reminisced funny, poignant, and shared memories and realized that most of Bank Street alumni are actually our students and pondered how much of what is "Bank Street" comes of our combined expertise. We touched on what we have learned from Bank Street. The hope is that we will meet regularly, learn more about the exciting new things the college is doing, have our combined voice be part of the college, and plan ways to support the college’s growth and evolution. 

Any former faculty who would like to join please contact Hal Melnick at  
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